Sunday, runday!

I had planned on taking a break from blogging, but decided since I love to write I would still dabble in my blogging when time permits. 

I had a busy week, full of 10+hour work days, and had to work my second job on Saturday.  I won’t lie and say I am not envious of the people out there that have the mere obligation of deciding who to run with, and on what day.  I wish I had the flexibility in my schedule that others do…but then I kick myself for wishing for what others have instead of being satisfied with what I have done and what I do…bah on jealousy, it sucks. 

So I went to work on Saturday where I teach at a local community college.  I went in with a good attitude, and ready to teach AND learn.  What an awesome group of students I have.    They are full of questions, and I learn so much from them…most of them are in their 20’s, and it’s so cool to see them plan their lives and careers. 

After work I tried to take a nap because I knew we were going out Saturday night.  Let’s face it…I’m not in my 20’s anymore, and can’t hang like I used to be able to…but a nap just wasn’t in the cards as I tossed and turned knowing I had so many chores to accomplish.  So I got up, took a shower, and was blessed to have a quick dinner at Red Robin with my family.  I have been trying to eat better, so I had the grilled chicken burger, without a bun.  It was delish! 

The hubs and I went out to see our friends play at a local bar.  WHAT FUN!!!  Just what we needed, although we found ourselves fading fast by midnight.  Just call me Cinderella, LOL!

Today we went to church, breakfast, and ran errands.  I again tried to take a nap with no luck, so went for a quick 5K run by myself.  The trails were icy, so I didn’t get my long run in, but managed a few miles at least.  Our family wrapped up the night with dinner.  We had a roast, and broccoli served two ways!  YUM! 
I attempted this…went down the hill about a half a mile, and decided to be smart and turn around after nearly eating trail a few times. 

I did realize that after a while I was a complete grump, and my first day of NO carbs wasn’t an easy one.   I will NOT do this forever, but for 2 weeks I am trying to cleanse and start over fresh. 

I admittedly miss my military days when I got Presidents day of…but prepping for work tomorrow reminds me that at least I have a job.  I CAN do this.  Yes, I do have a craptastic ton of laundry…but one load is done.  LOL

I was blessed to be contacted to be a “Fort2base” run ambassador by my new friend, “Kelly the Culinarian” and was completely taken aback.  I’ve never had such an opportunity so I am weighing my options, time, and ability to do a good job with this endeavor.  I know once summer comes I will have more time, so I am leaning towards doing it! 

With that, I bid you all a good night.  I hope your week is full of adventure, fun, and faith in life!

9 Comments on “Sunday, runday!

  1. Very cool about the ambassador opportunity! I know what you mean about feeling envious of people with freer schedules, though I know many people wish they had a job. Have a great week!


  2. Are you following any specific half marathon training program? I didn't follow one for my first half, and am thinking maybe I should for my upcoming one. 🙂 I read over many, and just kind of made up my own. What's your opinion? Also, how do you fuel during your runs? I like Clif Shot Bloks, but only ate 2 during my half, and utilized the hydration stations. Your roast looked delicious!


  3. Ok. I'm reading over Hal Higdon's training and Train Like a Mother book ( reviews). Hmmm, decisions 🙂 in the meantime, I'll just keep running. LOL.


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