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First “race” in two years.

Two years ago my husband was deployed to Iraq. Needless to say my running/racing days came to a screeching halt. I did run a 10k in the fall of 2016, but that was my last organized run/race.

So when my girlfriend Kandice asked me to run the “Whiskey Joe’s 5k” with her, I jumped at the chance. We agreed we’d only be running for fun, and she has a goal to run the entire thing. I had no time goal in mind so I told her I’d love to run the whole thing together.

We arrived to the race early, and watching the sky change colors as the sun began to rise was amazing. I may hate mornings but I do love a good sunrise. The race was seamless and we finished in around 40 minutes and she ran the whole thing! I was so proud of her. We sat on the beach and enjoyed our complementary beer, and then had a yummy brunch together. (we’re still doing Keto-so I skipped the English muffin, lol)

Here are a few pics from our day!

How was your weekend? Do you have any races coming up?



22 thoughts on “First “race” in two years.”

  1. To spend time with your friend running, eating, and drinking is a perfect day. You two did great. The medal is adorable too. Welcome back!

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  2. I ran a 10k with friends this pace weekend & have my last half of 2018 a week from saturday. It’s actually a running retreat with a friend, so I’m very excited!

    Good job getting back out there! I am so envious of the beach and the sunshine, you have no idea! My half will be by the ocean, but on Cape Cod and therefore definitely not so warm. Or least not unless things majorly change soon. Which is ok, though, because I prefer it cooler for a race.

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  3. Congrats on getting back into it! Beer on a Whiskey run? 🙂 I’m just getting back into running (see reply on your Marathon Anniversary Blog) and have been hitting the trails. People tell me that trail running is easier on your body but based on my experience so far, I’m not sure that is the case! Lol (roots, rocks, hills..ugh!)

    If I can get through the winter still focused on running, I definitely want to get back into some 5 and 10k’s… but I still dream of getting a marathon accomplished. Keep it up!


  4. There are races where I live all the time but the only one I am committed to is a half in December and a triathlon in May.

    I would love to do more but I am usually busy on Saturday so I can’t.

    Congratulations on getting back into it 🙂

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