Sunday Funday?

I ran nearly 8 (7.8) miles yesterday, and had hoped for a run today.  Yet my knee and my TOES were not feeling it.  I woke up early to take my favorite little boy to the groomers.  His poor feet get ingrown hairs, and he was due for a bath and pampering.  Easter is next weekend and we are driving north almost 3 hours to my folks so I wanted to make sure he was ready and got the attention he needed.  His ears often are a problem, so it was nice to have the groomers clean every nook and cranny for Sammy. 

I had contemplated a lazy day, yet knew the garden needed work.  So the girls and I headed to our favorite diner for lunch and afterwards hit all the local garden stores to prep our garden and yard for spring.  I do pay someone to mow the acre and a half that we own, but I tend to the rest of the yard myself. 

We purchased a bird bath along with various flowers to make the yard our own.  Jordyn dived in helping me plant tulips along with putting up a decorative fence around the garden in hopes the bunnies don’t eat my flowers this year. 

The run still loomed in the back of my mind, but I was having too much fun with the girls.  I decided today was the perfect day to lay the weed and feed on the grass, so I hauled the huge bags of treatment while dumping them into the handheld spreader, and I laid the feed up and down our 1.5 acres.  By the end of the spreading I was spent, so I decided a rest day was going to be allowed. 

I made the kids pasta left overs for dinner, and hit the laundry with a vengeance.  Yet…the washer locked up WITH MY RUNNING PANTS HELD WITHIN THE BARREL, and I flipped out.  I am a Mom, homemaker, career woman, gardener, cook, maid, and now Mrs. Fix-it? Bah…but I did it…I finagled the washer, getting it open and tightening the screws on the lid.  My running pants are now happily tumbling in the dryer after a minor heart attack.  My coffee is brewed, my lunch is made, and the kids snacks are packed…I had hoped to call it a night before 11 tonight, but time got away from me as usual. 

Tomorrow I hope for a 4 mile run…a good day at work, and mostly happy kids. 

Love and blessings!


14 thoughts on “Sunday Funday?”

  1. My washer died last year and held some of my clothes ransom too!! I bet Sammy loves the pampering. My dogs are scared of the groomer so I have become the official dog groomer of the house on top of all the hats that I already wear just like you!! Have a great week!


  2. Oh girl, it was quite the site to see me hip checking the door (front loader) trying to get it open…butter knife and plyers did the trick! My FAVORITE and only pair of real running pants were safe and sound thankfully! LOL


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