A little imagination and a lot of hope

To piggyback on yesterday’s pretty pathetically sad post (I am TOTALLY blaming Mother Nature and the crazy rain we’ve been having in the Chicagoland area), today I am going to chat about what I’ve envisioned all along for my life. I always envisioned myself being successful. And not just holding a steady job, keeping my kids alive and make sure I pay the house payment each month.  No…I saw myself in a position that I wanted for myself. Maybe owning my own coffee-wine shop/restaurant, maybe working side by side with someone in a creative aspect, heck, maybe even owning a cute little shack/food truck somewhere near the beach where I would serve yummy food to customers that were lined up wearing swimwear and sunscreen. Can’t you smell the salty air and feel that wonderful breeze in your hair already?! I sure can!!!

South Beach, Miami



Either way, the dreams all had a common theme. It was me, doing what I love, and sharing that love with others. And while I didn’t have to use my imagination for this post, as these dreams have been a part of me since I was a small child, I am sharing these dreams with you as part of the Wednesday word post from over at Deb Runs! Today’s word is imagination! What do you imagine for your future? Do you have any dreams that some might call far fetched?



22 thoughts on “A little imagination and a lot of hope”

  1. Great post! I firmly believe in this. Follow your dreams, believe in them, and something can happen. Obviously you need to plan it out and really think about it….to many people change jobs on a whim and don’t plan it out. But that is where true success comes!


  2. Love this post!!

    Wine and coffee…yes please!!

    I think my imagination has created different thoughts for my future at different times in my life.

    Right now, I imagine finding myself an EdD program that will quench my current feelings of wanting to learn, saving to buy a home where I can grow a garden and my kids can play in the front and back yards,


    1. That sounds lovely and challenging (the school portion)! I went back to school to get my MBA in my late 30’s, and while a challenge I will always have that sense of accomplishment having finished the program!! Best wishes to you on your journey!!!

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  3. A coffee and wine shop sounds so cool. You can put that on a beach too! I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up (bahahaha). It’s fun to imagine all sorts of things.


  4. I really do enjoy not working. I was just never career-driven.

    But I know one thing for sure: it is NEVER too late to give up on your dreams! And your daughters will see you going after your dreams, and they’ll go after theirs, too (even if they roll their eyes at you sometimes).


    1. I’m beginning to think the career gig (9-5 so to speak) just isn’t my thing either! You are right, I need to keep chasing those dreams! I just need to see where the wind takes us here in the near future, first. And yes, there is A LOT of eye rolling in my house! LOL!!!

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