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Fastest 5K in ages!!!

All I can say is, WOW Y’ALL. I felt almost like the runner I was five years ago. My knees were singing and I almost felt like I could barely keep up with my legs. I thank @novorenew for this feeling. If you’d have asked me 2 months ago I’d have told you my running days were nearing the end. After taking Novo Renew for a month now I can happily say that toon has changed. If you’d like to try a risk free bottle check out the link in my profile and use Michelle25 to save.

What’s your favorite distance to run?



30 thoughts on “Fastest 5K in ages!!!”

  1. Great time Michelle! I am always super happy if my 5k time is a where near 30.

    This reminded me that I still need to place an order. Knees haven’t been bothering me much, maybe that’s why I keep forgetting.

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  2. Nice one! You can’t beat the feeling of a good run.
    My favourite distance is 10k because it’s a challenge, I am yet to complete a 10k race without walking part of it!

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