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Happy Thursday!

I’m pleased to report that I’m still feeling great after my full effort 5k yesterday, and I give thanks to @novorenew for it!!! My joints have never felt better and I’ve not had to take ibuprofen in over a month. Check it out on and use my code Michelle25 at check out to save. Tonight I did my plank, 50 crunches and 30 leg lifts (yup, in my jammies) to finish out the night. How was your day?

Are you a planker? What do you take for joint/pain relief? Interested in all natural supplements? Holler at me!



10 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!”

      1. Yup. A whole year. I got creative and added side planks in for 30 seconds, straight arm planks and traditional ones. My longest total time was 10 minutes. And my abs still hide behind the 18 months of pregnancy I endured lol.


      2. Planks are great and anything beats crunches. I also like leg raises and Russian twists.

        My abs are hidden behind years of not so great eating. Turns out you can’t actually outrun a bad diet, at least not indefinitely.

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