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This year on the blog I will be talking more about some good ole real life adventures and life in general. My goal is to write more, and knowing I have struggled with making myself a priority over the last several decades, I thought this would be a good Saturday evening topic.

Looking back on my life, my priorities have always been targeted on something other than me. My husband and taking care of things while he was gone on deployments, my kids and their happiness, and my job and juggling work and home life have always left “Me” at the end of the very long list of things I have been responsible for over the last several years. Because of the large bucket of balls I have juggled over the years, I have lost friendships, and somewhat have sort of lost myself. Now that my kids are getting older (one is grown and so far still out of the house but still struggling to find her way, and one is now 12 and is becoming more independent and self sufficient), I really want to see how I can make ME a priority this year.

Here’s a few things I have in mind for the upcoming year:

  1. I’ve updated my resume and am ready to start looking at progressing in my career. I’ve always taken the back seat to make sure I am home for my family, but I think the time is now to see if I can actually move forward in my career.
  2. I’ve signed up for a half-marathon the end of February with my husband. My training is on hold during the course of fighting this horrible cold, but I’ve still got plenty of time to properly train.
  3. I will make more time for the friendships I’ve made here in Florida. I’ve been lucky enough to be blessed having an old Air Force girlfriend here, and have made a couple of friendships I hope to develop. I’ve learned as you get older, it really is harder to make friends.
  4. Write more, and more often. Be it short excerpts, recipes, or just simple dialog, WRITE.
  5. Above all else, love myself a little more. Stop counting the grey hairs and wrinkle lines, and remember that I have been through so much in my life. I have earned every grey hair and every line that is carved in to my face.
  6. Lastly, continue on with my mantra of “Keep Movin’ Forward.” Yes, I am middle aged, yes, I will be 46 in a little over a week, but my life is far from over. I need to remember that it really is NEVER too late, and I still have time to do the things I want to in this life.

I watched one of my favorite movies tonight, “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” and was reminded that life may not always turn out how we wanted, but if we can touch other people’s lives and make this world a better place we should have no regrets.


What are your goals for this year? Do you have a favorite movie that resonates with you? I’ve thought about renaming the blog…any suggestions?



17 thoughts on “Self-love”

  1. I have many favorite movies & that one is awesome!

    I wrote a while back about how we, as women, tend to lose ourselves around a certain age. It’s true — even without the kids! Although a lot more intense with the kid, I think.

    I truly do believe that we have to keep trying new things, learning new things — or in the words of another movie I love, Get busy living or get busy dying.

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  2. My wife and I both retired from the AF abd we have 4 kids so I totally understand what it’s like to put yourself last.

    My goals for this year are to get my business off the ground, run a half-marathon, Spartan, go back to school.

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      1. Wedding pyrotechnics would be my primary job but my brother and I are working on something we can do online that should bring in some income as well. Not really ready to go public with that idea but I will as soon as the details are figured out.

        I am also an associate pastor but do that without pay for now. But, once I graduate from seminary and move, there might be some income there as well.

        Long story short, really, is that I am tired of working for someone else and want to do my own thing so I am exploring every possible option to get me to that point.

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  3. #4! That is also one of my goals this year. To JUST WRITE!

    I absolutely enjoy reading your blog! This post, in particular, resonated with me. My husband went on deployment when my son was only six months old and a few years later missed my daughters birth altogether due to preparing for a deployment out of state. It was draining to say the least. I always say women are so resilient and we’ll always figure out a way to make things happen!

    I’ve learned to prioritize some time for myself. There’s no way I could raise my children and still be healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. When I don’t take time for myself, I notice I’m a lot more irritable with my children. Then the guilt seeps in. It can become a vicious cycle if I’m not careful.

    I really enjoyed JLo’s new movie, Second Act. It’s basically about new beginnings and how it’s never too late to do what you really want to do.

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