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Weekly wrap-July 4-10

Last week was pretty uneventful to be honest.  We had a blast on 4th of July, I’ve started cooking again, and I am holding strong on my planking every day for the remainder of my hubby’s deployment.  I was in a funk last week, and decided I need to try and figure out a way to get outside and run. The treadmill and basement workouts are a great alternative, I simply NEED to run. So my youngest will either accompany me on her scooter/bike (we need to get her a new one as she’s grown SOOOO much), or I’ll work around my oldest daughter’s social schedule, which can be challenging, LOL!

Here is my week in review in pictures.  I’d have to say the highlight of my week was having my coworkers over for the Outlander season finale.  I forgot how much I love entertaining, and of course I went way overboard with food and wine, LOL!  The lowlight of my week was my youngest getting sick yesterday.  We think it was something she ate at a birthday party Saturday, because within 24 hours she was feeling better. Goals for this upcoming week are to workout more consistently, and stay on track with my eats.

4h of July fun!
4th of July selfie
My new record straight plank!
Puppy planks
Leftovers and planks
Party planning and planks
Love that my planks are consistently in the 4-5 minute range now!
best nurse maid, ever!

I’m wrapping up with Holly @https://hohoruns.blogspot.com/and Tricia http://www.misssippipiddlin.com/ for the weekly wrap!  Please make sure to check them out!!! (Sorry, I can’t seem to put links in anymore)



How was your week?  What are you goals for the upcoming week! Do you like to plank?



44 thoughts on “Weekly wrap-July 4-10”

  1. That picture of your daughter and Sammie is so sweet! Uneventful can be good sometimes, and I’m glad you were able to get together with friends.

    Me, I’m just taking it day by day and trying to juggle 3 animals, none of whom are quite happy at the moment. And praying for a good ending for Bandit.

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      1. Thanks so much, Michele.

        I always say the way to get your mind off your own problems is to help someone else. 😉

        Knowing people care (rather than some judgemental people who can’t be bothered to even actually talk to me) helps.


  2. Holy moly; you planked for 7:02:07? That’s awesome! My record is 5 minutes (my client and I were having a contest and doing planks together to see if we could get to 5 minutes). We just stopped there and never tried to go any longer. I’ve started adding side star planks to my routine and finally got to 1 minute on each side, but my form on the final seconds wasn’t too pretty on either side. Ha!

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    1. Yes!!! I can’t say it wasn’t without slight fidgeting, but I held on! LOL!!! Often times I will plank for 2, do side planks 30 seconds each, and then go back to straight planking. 7:02 is my longest straight plank to date, but I plan on working on breaking that record this week! Thanks Debbie! ❤

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  3. Wow, you are doing great on your planking, I am impressed. I always love your motivational quotes too on IG. My kids got sick after parties for having overeaten…
    Have a great week.


  4. I did my first plank over a minute today at Pure Barre, I was so excited! I dropped down to my knees for about 15 seconds then finished out the rest of the 90 seconds. I could not even get into the plank position two months ago, and celebrated my first plank which lasted all of 5 seconds I bet last month. I’ll be hitting that 90 second mark soon! You just keep on keeping on, glad to see you are entertaining and cooking again, YAY!

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  5. Ha! A little too much wine and food is good for the soul every so often 🙂 Your girls are beautiful.
    I can’t even imagine a 7 minute plank – pretty darn awesome!

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  6. I think that’s the MOST impressive planking I’ve seen! Keep it up. I think it’s great you’ll have your youngest daughter involved in your runs. I bet she’ll enjoy that time with her Mom. The picture of her snuggling with the dog is precious. Thanks for linking, Michelle.

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  7. Great job on all your planking, you always amaze me with your times and this week is no exception. I don’t plank daily anymore, I know, I know but I’m upping my game in the strength training sessions and usually get in 3-4 now per week. Being sore is becoming the norm. Hope you have a great weekend Michelle!

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