Plankin’ and pushing forward

Some weeks are easier than others.  Life keeps us busy, almost too busy to think about how much we are hurting inside.  Last week was one of those weeks thankfully, because very minimal communication with my hubby made my mood a little blue. I think my hubby must’ve sensed this, because I got a sweet gift of plating tweezers from him this week.


I had a great week over all though, and even got out for a wine dinner with my dear friend and next door neighbor.


I broke my planking record, and am still on my streak since May 1st of planking every day until my hubby gets home.


I cooked some yummy pork chops in my slow cooker with a soy, ginger, garlic, onion, pink pepper corns, black pepper, brown sugar, lime zest and red pepper flake concoction. I let it go on high for 4 hours, and the only thing I’d change is I’d lightly pan fry the chops first to prevent drying out.

I didn’t run last week, because after a couple days of insomnia which lead to my body revolted and my IBS kicking in full force from Thursday on, the only place I was running was to the toilet.  :-I

All in all it was a decent week.  We ended the weekend with an amazing dinner with our friends on Saturday night, and a Netflix marathon of watching the entire second season of Chef’s Table on Sunday, LOL.  My mini even joined me, which made my entire day even that much better.


Linking up with Holly and Tricia again, please make sure to check out this amazing and supportive link up.  (sorry, won’t let me link the pages)


How was your week?  Cook anything new?



31 thoughts on “Plankin’ and pushing forward”

    1. Amen, Judy!!!!! I’m also busy planning my youngest daughter’s 10th birthday dinner that we’re going to in downtown Chicago. I dropped the ball on an actual party (ack, bad Mom!) because everywhere was booked which I think added to my blues. But today I booked our hotel and started researching places to eat! That was a definite mood lifter. I hope you have a good week, Judy.

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      1. Very true….I feel guilty when I complain about being busy because my husband has SOOOO much more on his plate. But hey, we all have our struggles that we juggle, right?! As long as we do it to the best of our ability, that’s what counts in my book. ❤

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      2. You know, someone once told me your problems are important because they’re YOUR problems. People are definitely facing far worse things than I am, but again, they’re MY problems. We finally got a sliver of hope today.


  1. Wow you planked for 8 minutes ? You must have killer abs. Did you take a before and after picture ?
    I cook a lot but am not too adventurous. I bought a slow cooker in Janaury and have only used it 3 times ! I need to try again….
    Sorry about the ITB…


    1. I really wish I had taken a day one picture. While I don’t have “killer abs” having had 2 kids, I really CAN tell a huge difference in my core. I am going to incorporate more ab exercises to try and really trim myself down. Slow cookers are awesome, check out my recipe tab, some of the soups I make are GREAT in the slow cooker.


  2. Awww I love that thoughtful gift! You are slaying those planks my friend! My cooking has fallen into a rut with the same rotation lately. Thing 2’s 11th birthday party is this weekend and I still haven’t finalized a menu.


  3. Way to go on that new plank record! And that was such a sweet gift from your husband 🙂 It sounds like you had some good dinners with friends last week. Hope this week is even better.


  4. Big hugs, Michelle! Some weeks are definitely easier than others (and on the weeks that are hard, I look forward to the coming weeks being easier to make up for the hard ones, yes?) It does sound like you had a lovely week. Those plating tweezers would be such a fun tool to play with – what a wonderful gift! Congratulations on your 8-minute plank record! YAY for meals with good friends and family. There is truly nothing better than delicious food with loving company.


  5. And I thought a 5-minute plank was totally awesome, 8 minutes seriously this is something! Let me ask you, do you move around? Change positions any?
    How very sweet of your husband to send this gift. I know it meant so much! Hang in there every day is one day closer to his home coming!

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  6. OMG — 8 and now 9 minutes? Your are the QUEEN of planking! That was a very thoughtful gift from your husband. I love how your mini is involved with your workouts. I hope the running to the bathroom is over. That’s no fun! Thanks for linking, Michelle!


  7. Sounds like a great week! Great times with family and friends always mean great times!
    Awesome job on your planking goals, that is one thing I totally completely suck at. I really need to work on getting strength like that.

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