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Monday Motivation and updates

So after finishing my temper tantrum from the weekend, I decided this morning to pick myself up and start over today.  Despite struggles, single parenting, and normal teenage drama I needed a clean slate. So here….we….go….


This morning I woke up on time, and allowed myself an extra snooze. I smiled as I cuddled my dog, and I took my time getting ready since I only had ONE child to tend to this morning.  And it felt great.  This is a new day.

Work was great, and I had time to organize and file a lot of paperwork that had been collecting dust on my desk. YAY to organizing, right?!

My hubby offered to take our youngest to ballet even though it’s something I normally do, stating, “You need a break.”  He’s right… I do.

Can I get an Amen?   Pic:
Can I get an Amen?


So I cooked the family dinner after work, and jumped at the chance to run.  My legs are still very tight from Saturday, so it felt GREAT to stretch ’em out on the ‘mill.  WAIT…did I say that out loud?  A dready run that wasn’t so dreadful.  Winning.

quick dready run that wasn't so dready...
quick dready run that wasn’t so dready…

After my run, I ate dinner, showered, and have been sitting quietly at my computer working on the recipe section of my blog for about an hour and a half.  Have you checked it out yet?  It’s just a start, but I’d love for you to try some of my favorite recipes!  You can check it out here! Feedback, comments, and ideas are always welcomed!

It felt great despite laundry duty to give myself a couple hours to do something JUST for me.  Running. Writing. And cataloging recipes.  Does it get better than that?

How do you spend your down time?  Do you allow yourself time to just do YOUR thing at least once a week?  If not, I highly recommend it. I tell ya what…my uninterrupted shower tonight was off. the. chain.  LOL

Thanks, y’all! I look forward to hearing from you!

❤ Michelle

31 thoughts on “Monday Motivation and updates”

  1. Glad you were able to shake it off!! When you’re happy, I’m happy!
    My Monday Motivation? I got accepted for training to teach SAT prep classes for $18 an hour, with tutoring and proctoring at $12 an hour thrown in if I want it, and I was invited for an interview in two weeks at a rival grocery store, which is WAY more up my alley than where I am now (even though I love love love my boss). Put positive out, bring positive back. I spent my “me” time dress shopping (something I’ve never been good at, but actually enjoyed today) and painting my board, which I will use in my “prayers”. Not a terrible way to spend Monday!


  2. Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing night. A run + some down time = total revamping! That’s awesome!! Love your recipe section! Yum! On my down time, I love pinning stuff on pinterest!! It’s really soothing for me!! Have a fabulous week! Glad you’re feeling better! XOXO


  3. “Clean slate … clear mind” … I love that Michelle!! And you actually has a kinda nice statement about the tready … do I even know you anymore haha lol 😉 xoxo


      1. I think that would be a smart choice we don’t need you injured. Injuries don’t play nice as I have lived with on the past 8 weeks now lol

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  4. That’s great you got down time! I really don’t have much of that yet. But that is ok, hardly see my kids lately! Ahhh an uninterrupted shower? What’s that? Hehe.

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  5. So glad you’re starting your week off so relaxed and happy 🙂 Great run! I’m now officially in training with you too. Grandma’s, here we come!
    I try to get at least a little downtime every week too. This mostly consists of Netflix watching and wine 😉

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      1. I completely agree! It will happen. Where are you staying? I tried finding a hotel room a few weeks back and they were ALL BOOKED ALREADY!!! Yikes! I will probably just stay the one night (Fri night before marathon) at a family friend’s place so I won’t be there long, but I’ll definitely see you at start/finish 😀


      2. Thanks!!! I have no idea where we will stay yet, I am starting to get a bit nervous about that. I wanted to head up Thursday so I could have time to stretch my legs and maybe see friends since I haven’t been back ‘home’ in 20 years or so…


  6. NICE RUN, lady!!! That is definitely a great way to kick off the week and your hubs sounds so great giving you some extra time to yourself. I’m lucky that mine does the same. He works most nights, but Tuesday and Wednesday evenings I have a bit of time to go to yoga or do whatever. So nice especially when work is really hectic!


  7. How awesome of your hubby to realize you needed a break! I’m so glad some “you” time lifted your spirits. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Going to check out your recipes now. I need some new dishes in my rotation.


  8. Since I don’t have kiddies or a hubby, I get a lot of time to myself. However, this doesn’t always mean I DO things just for me. So a) I commend you for taking some time for yourself! b) I’ve been trying to be more intentional about what I am doing so it’s not just watching tv but activities that help my stress levels.


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