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Monday truths and week wrap up

I caveat this post with a disclaimer.  This post (and all my posts) are simply a journaling of my thoughts, experiences, hopes, dreams, struggles as lived and breathed by yours truly.  They in no way are directed to anyone, nor are my opinions directed toward anyone other than…ME.  I share these said experiences as it helps me, by hopefully inspiring, helping, or provoking thought by others.

Moving on…

Ack, I haven’t blogged in a week.  Mind you, it’s always been in the back of my mind to take the time to sit down and write…but the time just escaped me last week.  My girls go back to school on Wednesday with my eldest entering high school and my youngest starting 3rd grade.  It’s been a scramble to get school supplies, shoes, registration, dentist appointments, physicals and lastly gym shoes with ‘free time’ being sparse.  But…we got it done…and Wednesday my first born will be walking the halls of high school where life will bring her challenges, heart aches, and success stories all wrapped up in four crazy years.  Lord help me have patience and strength to help her…My youngest starts 3rd grade (and pray her cold subsides, please!)…and I pray she finds her groove this year.  Prayers all around!

My hubby and I got in two amazing 4 milers this week, and I have now been using Myfitnesspal app for a week and am down 2.6 lbs.  YAHOO.

posted previously, but so proud...
posted previously, but so proud…
second 4 miler.  bam!
second 4 miler. bam!

Friday was our date night…it’s been a while, so we planned an amazing tapas style dinner at a local Italian place.  It was.  AMAZING.

Lemon cello cheers!
Lemon cello cheers!

We went to see the movie, “The hundred foot journey” and we both really enjoyed it.  Although I wasn’t pulled in emotionally by the acting, the story itself was profound.  It highlighted the fact that if you truly have a passion for something, you can achieve your goals!  A home cook turned Michelin (sp?) star Chef what???  Yup…GREAT motivator to not give up on my dreams.

Saturday we ran errands and finally after three years of living in our home bought curtains for our bedroom.  Baby steps, right?

The beautiful comforter is a handmedown from my parents...Love!
The beautiful comforter is a handmedown from my parents…Love!

Saturday night was carbloading for our 10 mile run.  I haven’t ran double digits since my half marathon in May, and this was my husband’s FIRST double digit run.

Rice pasta with meat!
Rice pasta with meat sauce…win!

We got up before the sun on Sunday, and headed out to Geneva running outfitters for our 10 miler.  I was pacing the ten minute mile pace group.  And my Garmin died.  Just like that.  GAH….but thankfully one of my runners said he would pace us, if I would direct us…and we finished strong.  What an amazing group.

Pic taken from my friend Cindy..ack, do I really hunch over like that?  (I am in the orange)
Pic taken from my friend Cindy..ack, do I really hunch over like that? (I am in the orange)
And I got to meet one of my Movers, Sarah!  Awesome day!
And I got to meet one of my Movers, Sarah! Awesome day!

We got home early, pigged out, and tackled house cleaning.  I spent the afternoon on the couch watching “Divergent.”  GREAT movie.

I asked my hubby why he decided to run a half marathon while we shared a celebratory glass of wine…”To do something with you, of course.”  My heart sang.  After 11 years together, and 10 years (nearly) of marriage this man never stops taking my breath away.

This week marks my monthly 6 day work week…and tonight, after work I rushed home to shower, change, and head out to the marathon committee meeting and I still find myself learning so much that comes to planning a race.  Please, take a moment to thank your local race committee and directors.  It’s a job that doesn’t pay monetarily but makes you feel so darn good.

Gosh we look so serious.  lol
Gosh we look so serious. lol

At the end of the day, I find myself counting my blessings this past week.  My  family #truths:

We don’t have a lot of ‘disposable’ money.  We get our hair cut at Cost Cutters.  We shop consignment, 95% of the time.  We don’t take lavish vacations or have fancy cars or home(s).  But we do treat ourselves once every couple months to a nice dinner or a cool running outfit (for example).  We celebrate our laughter, and embrace our tough times…together.  We may get frustrated with each other…but we always work together.  We don’t compromise who we are…instead, we figure out how we can meld together as a cohesive unit.  It’s not easy…

But we do it.



Have you ever volunteered for a race?

Does your family support your dreams?


❤ Michelle


10 thoughts on “Monday truths and week wrap up”

  1. Lucky you! My husband tolerates my running. He does surprise me occasionally…showing up at a race or asking me how my run went. Keeps me on my toes!

    Great job on the training week!



  2. I’m still finding me and my dreams but I would like to believe they support me and my quirks! 🙂 great post. You’ve got a normal life like us all, taking it day to day! 🙂


  3. It is SUCH a chaotic time getting these kids back to school, isn’t it? Great job getting it all done and having some fun too!
    After lots of back and forth on whether NYCM would be a ($$$$) family trip, I planned on going myself. Caveman told me the other day he’s coming. Yay! Now to tackle childcare…


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