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Tuesday truths

Last week was a whirlwind of work, school clothes shopping, birthday party planning and cleaning house.  I realized yesterday I hadn’t run ONCE  in ONE WEEK.  Ack…this does NOT hold well in my heart for half marathon training.  But I was reminded by a dear friend last night, that I have a lot of hay in the barn.  But do I?  I took most of the winter off due to Chiberia temps and injury coupled with  a true hatred for running on the treadmill.   Despite my Achilles tendon tear in late September of 2013 after my full marathon, I squeaked out a half marathon in October of 2013 with a 2:14 finish time.  NOT my best to say the least.  Injuries suck…but good friends make these injuries more bearable.  I managed a handful of runs over the winter months, and completed half marathon training in a mere 4 weeks time. I finished my PR half marathon in May with a 2:01.  Yup…

One of my strongest races to date...
One of my strongest races to date…

2:01.  WTF.

I remember running most of that race alone.  But I wasn’t really alone.  All of my friends were on the course with me.  And somehow I caught the tail wind and ran…My sheer mental strength moved me forward every single mile…but that last mile I realized I’d miss my sub 2 goal by one minute.  And I had to choke back the sobs at the finish line.  Yeah…I was that runner…never satisfied with how far I had come beating my previous PR by over a minute.  Shame. on.  ME.  I forgot to CELEBRATE my finish line feeling.  Lesson learned…My mental strength is what keeps me moving, and I should (and will) celebrate it daily.

So this spring/summer I have taken it easier.  But pushed myself harder.  Does that make sense?  I guess I am listening to  my body MORE…and my mind, LESS.

I need to remember...THIS...
I need to remember…THIS…

So with less than 6 weeks out for my hubby’s first half marathon, we laced up our shoes after work today for our first run in the last week.  My goal was a 9:15 pace, and despite quirky garmins/apps, we just about achieved our goal at a 9:25 overall pace.  Not bad for taking a week off.  I have to note, how wonderfully proud of him I am…when we started he could barely run 2 miles without stopping.  Sunday marks our 10 mile run (his longest to date) and I know he will rock it.  I am still working on tweaking my macros, but struggle with my fat intake.  It will come with time! I am down 1.6 lbs and pleased regardless!


So my truth’s today include…I have chosen to surround myself by people who lift me up.  I have chosen to not make repeated mistakes in life, instead I learn from them and grow.  I have realized that not everyone does the same, and am ok with that, but can’t be bothered by negativity and sheer lack of self worth.  And…I am counting my blessings tonight despite a tough week because I have amazing friends/family, a husband who still sweeps me off my feet, and goals in my pocket that I am addressing daily.  As an ode to my goals, I cleaned out my desk and book shelves tonight, discarding all of the CRAP I have accumulated.  After filling a huge trash bag of JUNK, I found myself smiling.  I am moving forward…


How do you keep moving forward despite tough times?  What do you hold true to your heart?


❤ Michelle

12 thoughts on “Tuesday truths”

  1. Right now I’m having probably one of the toughest times of my life…I’ve written about the challenges these boys of mine are throwing at me, and the hits just keep on coming. I’m trying to keep moving forward by sticking to my goals–my marathon training and feeling grateful that I have a job where people (my patients) actually appreciate me and my efforts. I won’t lie–It isn’t always easy, but for now it is all I can do. Trying to control the things that I have control over. And I will be so glad when school starts next week.

    Thanks for posting this.



  2. My kids help me move, my love for myself that I finally have after. Well. You know how long and simply life! I choose to make one day better than the previous despite hurdles etc! We all have a story, how we write it is the important factor. Just my take! 🙂


  3. Hard times make us stronger, thought it’s very hard to see at the time. My girls have helped me through a rough time recently (something I didn’t blog about). I had to still do everything for them, so I basically would have my pity party, take care of them, try to run/eat and then back to my pity party until I was able to get through that hard time. Family and friends are my strength but my girls are my motivators. Keep your head up, your heart full and everything else will take shape.


  4. Terrible and tough times here too. Difficult to know if I will be able to run and swim again.
    However I never learned the “listen to your body” lesson, the mind always won.
    All the best my friend.


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