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Tuesday Truths

1. I have learned in my 41+ years the things that make me happy.  My life goals, my passions, my ‘things’ so to speak…

They are:




*****Spending time with my family and friends (My favorite!)

Simple, right?

I’ve been studying cookbooks and websites to help diversify my cooking abilities.

I’ve been working on speed work, hills, and distance to aid in my running.

I’ve been taking pics, and working harder at editing.  I am saving money for a better editing program.

And, I’ve been working harder at being a better Mom, friend, coworker, and person…sometimes a simple smile, email, text, or hug can make such a huge difference.  Don’t let these moments pass you by.

2.  I pushed myself tonight to run.  Today was called the “hottest day” in Chicagoland this summer, but my 4 mile training run was on deck, so I of course, ran…it was hot…the humidity killed me, but my legs and my heart pushed me through the 4 miles…I thought a lot…about life, relationships, and moving forward.

Holy humid batman!
Holy humid batman!

How do you keep moving forward when times get tough?  What is your favorite fuel for hot running temps?

❤ Michelle


15 thoughts on “Tuesday Truths”

  1. It has taken me a while to realize what makes me happy too and it is so empowering when one does. Good for you! It was a balmy 104F here in Kansas so running… not so much. I know my body in that temperature and it is not pretty.


  2. I am relearning those things that are my go to..I may not be a runner in a traditional sense but I am learning to find me. Wherever she might be? I am trying to be a better version of myself!


  3. Beautiful list. I have learned that the best things are the ones I cannot do anymore!
    Fuel for hot temperature? I found the route for hot temperature: roads with many fountains.


  4. So awesome that you got that run in! It was an off day for me so we made the trip to the beach 🙂

    I made a notecard of the things that make me happy and that I’m grateful for and I keep it in my wallet. When I’m having a tough time, I like to take it out and remind myself of all the things I have in my life that truly make me happy.


  5. Things have been really tough around here for a couple of months and the way I’ve coped (when I have coped – because some days I haven’t) is to be with friends. I’ve talked, asked them to pray and I’ve gotten professional help. And a cathartic run every couple of days is essential.


    1. I empathize with the “tough” aspect of life. The last two+ years have been tough here as well. I’ve just finally started to feel “normal” after 3 years of being out of the military. Sending big hugs, Char!


  6. I received a call yesterday asking me to interview for a well-paid job in Chicago. Phone interview is on Wednesday. Job is downtown on Dearborn, so I assume parking is nonexistent. Care to take a few minutes to summarize what you like and don’t like about Chicagoland? it would help to get some honest opinions from someone whom I trust. Thanks, Michelle.


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