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Today I found myself waking up with very little sleep and my long run of 7 miles looming in the horizon…
Today I wanted to go back to bed after snoozing my alarm twice, but a reminder that I set for myself on facebook made me get up and run my farthest run this year, of 7.26 miles. I was blessed to run with my friend, Melissa K, as well as enjoy hugs, conversation, and a great cup of green tea with amazing friends.

Yup...pretty proud of those miles...
Yup…pretty proud of those miles…

Today I could have tackled house work, but instead I rounded up my mini’s while my husband was at reserve duty and spent the day going out to brunch and shopping for spring clothes and birthday gifts.
Today I allowed myself a one hour nap that although didn’t result in sleep, provided some much needed rest.
Today I fought with my wardrobe, truly realizing I have gained far too many pounds during this tough winter.
Today I looked away from the mirror, and found myself sad…I immediately smacked myself virtually upside the head as I know inner beauty beats out outer physique.
Tonight, I surrounded myself with a group of local friends that have moved past the often named “running friends” to “darn good friends” and celebrated the birthday of my sole sister Melissa while sharing laughs, good food, and even better conversation.
My running family
My running family

If I could quantify the value of the hugs, laughter, smiles, and love I felt today between my family and friends, I could tell you easily that I a millionaire ten fold, and twice again on Sunday…
I have hard times, bad times, times I wanted to give up…
But today…tonight…these amazing people reminded me why I keep movin’ forward. I don’t have to force anything…I simply have to remember that I have all of this awesome support because I do my best to give it back in return.
Today, I decided that if I want to move forward, I have to leave the negative behind me, and hang on to all the amazing people I have supporting me, because I have some pretty amazing people in my life…TODAY.

Keep Movin’ forward…

❤ Michelle

5 thoughts on “Today…”

  1. The times spent with friends and family is the most precious of all. In the long run you’ll never remember that your house was a bit dirty. You’ll remember the special times spent with precious people. I’m glad you ditched the housework.


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