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Weekly wrap up 1/31/2016

I thought about not linking up this week for my weekly wrap up with Holly and Tricia, but it’s been such a good way to keep me accountable, AND keep me writing vs. bottling up all my emotions, so here goes…
My week started out pretty darn good.
Monday I did a brisk walk on my dreadmill while dinner was cooking, just 3 miles, but felt good to stretch the legs.  I also did the Tracy Anderson strength training video (30 minutes)
I met up with my friends for Tuesday night run club, and knocked out 6.5 miles at an average pace of 9:24.  Not bad for this average runner.
My new jacket is SUPER reflective, I love it!
My new jacket is SUPER reflective, I love it!
Wednesday-Pilates and core for 20 minutes
Thursday-rest and this is the day things took a downward dive.
Friday I was supposed to do my long run for the second week of marathon raining, see my Runfessions post, but ditched it since I wasn’t feeling well.  Managed a few miles on the ‘mill.  Nothing even pic-worthy LOL
All in all, my week was mediocre at best.  The news that my husband leaves next week just has left me in an emotional tailspin, and the addition of the ever dreaded weekend duty this weekend has left my positive attitude falling a bit short. I have, though, delved into the Army wife network group that we’ve built on FB, and have been distracting myself by looking for yellow ribbons to pass out at the farewell ceremony.  Sometimes when you are feeling low, it’s nice to help someone else…it not only makes THEM feel good, but you get good feels in return.
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Saturday/Sunday I worked, and when I have weekend duty, sadly I have very little left in the tank for workouts.  This afternoon when I arrived home, my youngest greeted me with warm hugs and a bright smile so I passed on the nap I was so looking forward to, lol.  I did have a slight moment of panic, when our heater wasn’t turning on and the temps were dropping quickly in the house.  I went down to the basement, realizing that I wasn’t sure which big box looking thing was the heater. How was I going to fix this? And then it hit me…I better figure it out, and quick.  Thankfully the hubby was home, and I felt terrible waking him from HIS nap, as he just came off 21 days of duty and leaves again Wednesday.  But he grinned tiredly, and fixed it.  YAY.  We have heat.  CRAP. I couldn’t do it myself.

Yup, this sums up how I felt, LOL…all I can do is laugh, right?
How was your week? How do you handle set backs in regards to your training? For my women readers, are you handy around the house?
❤ Michelle