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Friday night musings

So it’s Friday night and I am ready to party…NOT. This darn cold has set me back nearly a week, and it’s taken everything in my power not to sleep 24-7. I called in sick on Wednesday, which is something I never do, and the last two days I coughed nearly non-stop. From what I hear, this cold is lasting up to three weeks, and I just don’t have time for that…I’ve got a half marathon to train for!!!


But the reality of it all, is that I shouldn’t complain about having a silly cold or my lapse in training. See, my neighbor lost her husband just a few short days before Christmas at the young age of 43, as he died suddenly in his sleep. He is leaving behind a wife and three children, and while we weren’t super close to them, we did spend some time with them over this last year and the loss is palpable in my neighborhood. Life. Is. Short.

So sleep in if that’s your fancy.

Tell those you care about, that you love them. Don’t just assume they know.

Pursue your dreams, and never settle.

Eat that slice of cake, or have that basket of French fries.


Keep Movin’ Forward.


Have you ever lost someone suddenly? What is your guilty pleasure?