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Safety nets

I’ve talked several times about the fact that I have been in the same career since I first joined the Air Force at the young age of 18.  Just three weeks after graduating high school I boarded a Grey hound bus and headed off to basic training.  My job was chosen for me, as I joined “Open General” in hopes of getting a flight line job, but alas.

Here I sit in a hospital laboratory, just doin’ my thing 25 years later.  And while this isn’t my career of choice, it’s a good job, that pays decently and provides for my family. So while I keep talking of taking chances and making changes, I know I need to be smart too.  I’ve got one kid going off to college in less than two years and I don’t want her to have to carry the burden of huge student loans like I have to (still a LONG ways to go to pay for my MBA) in my life.  I’ve got a little saved and will continue to save for her, but we all know they make college nearly impossible to afford in this day and age.

What’s my point? I’m never too old to learn!

Well, those that know me well know of my love of the beach.  I loved the coast of Texas, and love the coast of Florida.  Heck, any beach will do, really! I’ve made it abundantly clear to my husband that if he is going to continue his pursuits in furthering his Army career, my butt would be hunkered down on a beach somewhere while I continue to raise our youngest solo (once my oldest heads to college of course). So six months ago I applied for my Florida licensure, and finally have finished studying and taking my exam!!! Who got an 92%?!?!?  This girl!! All I have to do is send in the paperwork and the check for my license.  WOOT!!

South Beach, Miami-One of my favorite pics from our trip last year
So while this job may not be my dream job, it DOES provide a nice life for my family.  Does that mean I am giving up on my dreams of being in the food industry?  Heck no…that just means I am doing what’s best for my family first.  It’s good to have dreams and goals, but those safety nets sure come in handy!

Are you a believer in having a “Plan B?” as a back up?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Who’s with me on starting over and getting back to working out this week, regularly?!?

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moving forward

It’s been a while…

Well, I didn’t meet my goal of blogging at least 2 times each week as of last week, having only posted once last week and not posting since…But sometimes life just gets too hectic for all of the fun things that we enjoy doing.  And sometimes, we just need to step back and let things happen as they should.  For the saying IS true…everything WILL fall in to place eventually.

I had a pretty amazing opportunity come my way.  I will leave that part of this post fairly vague, but to say it’s an opportunity of life time is pretty accurate.  But…I can’t take the opportunity, as I am needed here by my husband and kids. Part of being a military wife, is giving up your own wants and needs so your husband can serve the country. And while I know my husband and kids (and my country) are so much more important than any sort of career chance I may be afforded, I still am left feeling very sad, and ever so slightly resentful.  Gah.

I hate that feeling.  I hate the dreaded sadness that can sit in the pit of your stomach and just burn, reminding you of it’s presence constantly throughout the day like bad heartburn after you’ve eaten spicy Mexican food, far too late at night. I hate crying every time I am left alone with my thoughts.  I hate the reminder of the depressed person I once was and the memory of crying every single day. Double GAH!

So last night I reminded my husband that I only had a few days left before this opportunity would be a thing of the past.  I had to decide.  They didn’t REALLLLLLY need me, did they?  They all spend their evenings on computer games or in their rooms.  They wouldn’t even notice I was gone, would they? #whoamikidding


He shook his head.  “You can’t go,” he said sadly. “We need you,” he said quietly.  And he’s right…and I knew that all along.  But hearing him say it, made me feel needed and loved.  More so than I have felt, in quite a long time.

So while I am sad, I know my family comes first, and that someday there will be ANOTHER opportunity, perhaps at the RIGHT time…until that time, I’ll hug my family, count my blessing, and keep…movin’…FORWARD.  I’ve started running/walking again this week after a 2 week break, which has helped me digest this whole situation immensely.

Have you ever had to pass on a good opportunity?  Did it take you a while to digest it all?

Thanks y’all!!!!

❤ Michelle