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Safety nets

I’ve talked several times about the fact that I have been in the same career since I first joined the Air Force at the young age of 18.  Just three weeks after graduating high school I boarded a Grey hound bus and headed off to basic training.  My job was chosen for me, as I joined “Open General” in hopes of getting a flight line job, but alas.

Here I sit in a hospital laboratory, just doin’ my thing 25 years later.  And while this isn’t my career of choice, it’s a good job, that pays decently and provides for my family. So while I keep talking of taking chances and making changes, I know I need to be smart too.  I’ve got one kid going off to college in less than two years and I don’t want her to have to carry the burden of huge student loans like I have to (still a LONG ways to go to pay for my MBA) in my life.  I’ve got a little saved and will continue to save for her, but we all know they make college nearly impossible to afford in this day and age.

What’s my point? I’m never too old to learn!

Well, those that know me well know of my love of the beach.  I loved the coast of Texas, and love the coast of Florida.  Heck, any beach will do, really! I’ve made it abundantly clear to my husband that if he is going to continue his pursuits in furthering his Army career, my butt would be hunkered down on a beach somewhere while I continue to raise our youngest solo (once my oldest heads to college of course). So six months ago I applied for my Florida licensure, and finally have finished studying and taking my exam!!! Who got an 92%?!?!?  This girl!! All I have to do is send in the paperwork and the check for my license.  WOOT!!

South Beach, Miami-One of my favorite pics from our trip last year
So while this job may not be my dream job, it DOES provide a nice life for my family.  Does that mean I am giving up on my dreams of being in the food industry?  Heck no…that just means I am doing what’s best for my family first.  It’s good to have dreams and goals, but those safety nets sure come in handy!

Are you a believer in having a “Plan B?” as a back up?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Who’s with me on starting over and getting back to working out this week, regularly?!?

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34 thoughts on “Safety nets”

  1. I once heard that if you retired from the military your children could attend the college in your state (for us it was California State Universities) and have it paid for. It is just a thought but you might want to look and see if that is still true to help you pay for your daughters college. Today I tackled a new physical challenge and did a duathalon, 20 mile bike ride and 13.1 mile walk. 🙂

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  2. way to go in that test!!!! The safety net is a necessity. As much as I resented my husband’s monthly Guard drills, the extra income (and now,retirement) was nice. College tuition is crazy these days! Our oldest graduated debt-free, due to lots of scholarships and grants, and numerous savings plans we’d done. Now, the son is in his second year…and the other daughter will be next in two years, too. UGH.

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  3. Amazing!! Congrats!! While I complain BITTERLY about the cold and talk about my hate for winter…to be honest, I can’t actually imagine living somewhere where there is no winter…but I might be able to be talked into living somewhere like Arizona…but then again, I really like free healthcare up here…and the lack of Trump. lol

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  4. Congratulations on your test! Wow!!! Living in Florida sounds fun 😁 The beaches look gorgeous but I know I couldn’t handle the heat. Sometimes I dream about moving to Colorado and running in the mountains… After I adjust to the altitude of course!

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  5. I so agree with you on the cost of college. We’ve busted our tails for years and I’m still not sure we have enough put away for our kids. Way to rock that test. I have no idea where my ideal place to live would be, but it’s not here in IL. I think I’d be nomadic!

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  6. I can relate to the college savings. I did one thing right and invested in our state’s college savings plan. I had a tiny egg that I wouldn’t have saved on my own for my daughter to use. With scholarships and by her going to a community college her first 2 years was pretty much paid for. It’s just now dipping into the plan we have, but if all goes well these next two years will be almost paid for. It does help we have a University branch in our hometown for her to go too.
    I’d have to live near water. Maybe not necessarily a beach but a nice lake or something. I really like Louisiana.


    1. Oh that’s awesome!! My daughter of course doesn’t want to go to community college and wants to go away to college to get the full “college experience.” I had to remind her she more than likely will have to get some student loans to make that happen, but that we will help with what we can.


      1. She just doesn’t see the financial aspect of going to a 4 year college vs. community college first. Sadly we can’t afford the schools she’s looking for-and I am hunkered down with my own student loans so can’t go further in debt for hers, you know? But we will just do our best, right?

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  7. Congratulations on your achievement! You asked a loaded question. Where I’d like to live changes all the time. LOL. I’m fortunate to get to visit my beloved FL panhandle very often but I think for regular old living…I’d prefer the serenity of the lake. Thanks for linking Michelle!

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