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Just some fun…

So our power went out today. Smallish storm knocked out a transformer. Thankfully I got my run in, and I planked by candlelight. Gotta make the best of it, right?

How do you make lemonade out of lemons? Ever have to break up your runs?



7 thoughts on “Just some fun…”

  1. In big countries like USA whereby you are exposed to really bad weather or strong winds, it can be quite disruptive. Eg refrigerators not working, no heaters especially in winter. I admire you folks or overcoming these and taking it in stride as part of your lifestyle in the country you live in.

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  2. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced a lengthy power outage for quite awhile. I can remember one during one near the end of my teaching career. It is a “real treat” to keep middle schoolers reasonably under control when the power is off for two hours.

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