moving forward, running, Wordless Wednesday

Wordless (mostly) Wednesday.

I didn’t die on this run. That’s about all I can report.

Definitely looking forward to October and the relief from humidity.

How was your day? How do you deal with the humidity?



20 thoughts on “Wordless (mostly) Wednesday.”

  1. Good for you Michelle! The weather this summer has been absolutely brutal…either tons of rain or a clear but sweltering day…I’ve been using my treadmill with the Peloton app – nice and cool ! Alternating runs with cycling and yoga…gotta keep fit – whether it’s hot or not!! 🙂

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  2. I live in Louisiana and I’m not quite sure how I deal with the humidity, I just got used to it, I guess.

    I stay hydrated and run outside no matter how hot and humid it gets so I guess a body can get accustomed to it. I have found that Gatorade before a run helps quite a bit.

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