Monday Musings and such

I got home Saturday night from our wonderful Disney trip.  It was hectic, chaotic, but most of all MUCH needed time with my family.  We didn’t get home until nearly 8 p.m. but after feeding the kids and starting laundry I knew what I needed to do.  I set my running clothes out for my long run Sunday.  Could I really accomplish running 18 miles after only walking for a week?  I had hoped so…because thankfully I tracked my miles, and we literally walked our tails off in all of the parks. 

Let me back track just a tad, although I won’t overwhelm you all with pics of my trip.  Feel free to check out my Facebook page, it is loaded with pictures. 

Let’s just say there is nothing better than seeing your kid’s faces light up when they meet their favorite characters, or go on their favorite ride.  It truly was worth every penny we spent.  I got teary several times during the week; admittedly…I’ve learned throughout the years that my family and close friends truly are my constant in life.  And I do my best to cherish them all the very best I can.  But even I, well, make mistakes.  Lose my temper.  Raise my voice.  Bah…I constantly work on being a better mother and friend…but more times than not, I fail.   

With that, I also learned today that you should always have hope in life.  But sometimes your hopes can get shattered.  We can’t always be the best at our jobs, be it career outside the home, or life inside the home.  But with each shattered hope comes a new found drive to be BETTER, to DO BETTER. 

So back to my long run…

My clothes were set out, Garmin charged and playlist updated before I went to be on Saturday night.  My husband doubted I would get up after our week’s travels…But I got up, dressed, and drove to the meeting spot for the Fox Valley Marathon running group’s spot. 

I was nervous, but excited to hit the road.  Funny how we long for that run in order to clear our minds, bodies, and souls of the stress that gets built up without that ‘release.’

Mile one I was trying to find my groove, and around mile 2 I met a wonderful fellow runner named Kyla.  Her running partner had to bail, and she asked if we could run together.  I warned her I wasn’t the best running partner as I am so used to running alone but she was happy as long as we stayed on pace.  By mile 4 we were laughing and joking and the miles seemed to effortlessly fly by.  We hit our water stop at mile 6ish, and took our fuel and she gave me some salt tablets which helped tremendously.  At around mile 9 we hit our turn around and we were excited we were halfway done.  Mile 10 came and went, and I started to struggle around mile 12.  My right front ankle has been very tight, I assume to do my Achilles tendons being VERY tight, so I stopped to stretch a couple times.  I truly didn’t want to walk…but after mile 14 and some treacherous hills, I knew I needed to walk just a bit.  We hit mile 16 knowing we only had TWO miles to go, and by mile 17 we were giddy…singing songs, being silly, and just excited for our distance PR.  Once we turned the bend to where our group tent was set up, we picked up the pace and finished strong.  18.23 miles, COMPLETE.  To say I felt good today would be a lie and more so I look like an old woman that lost her walker.  But tomorrow will be better, and I will get back out there and run. 

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