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I voted!

In all my 20 years of being in the Air Force, I voted by absentee ballot. And I’ll admit, I didn’t vote in the last Presidential election for personal and probably obvious reasons.

So today for the very first time, I voted. My hubby and I went out after dinner to vote in the primary elections and I surprisingly got really choked up. How moving it was to exercise my right to vote and do so physically as a Florida resident. I felt truly honored and patriotic.

Did you get out and vote today? Have you ever skipped voting in the Presidential election? I’ll admit, I had a little guilt that year.

In other news, our run got postponed today due to crazy thunder and lightning storms. Praying for better weather tomorrow.

Also-I’m attempting a writing streak so bear with my random posts that don’t follow any sort of pattern 🙂



8 thoughts on “I voted!”

  1. Firstly whoo hoo for casting your vote! Secondly I am so glad you are going for a writing “streak”!! Heaps of rah rah for you! Good luck on both. I never knew you are an air force pilot! So proud of you😀

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