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Groundhogs day 2016 and happy moments

Happy Groundhogs day!!!!  I know, I know, seems something silly to celebrate, right?  But it hit me today that I need to celebrate every little happy moment, especially now.
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Well, after having to cancel my lunch date with my husband yesterday as we were both off from work for ONCE in a very long time due to our youngest feeling ill and having to be pick up from school, we decided to make the most of it and rent a movie.
Martian was really great and it was nice to just hunker down and snuggle.  We made the most of the day, and got in some much needed family time. #celebrate That’s happy moment number 1 for this week.
This morning I headed out the door with my teen and a huge blow out ensued as we sat in the parking lot of her high school.  “Why are you always yelling at me?” she cried out, to which I could only answer “Why are you always so disrespectful and mean just to ME?”  A battle of the wits, and a never ending fight.  Being a Mom is hard work.  #sorrymom I drove to work in tears, wondering for the gazillionth time HOW I would do this for an entire year or more by myself.
I texted him when I arrived to work, choking back sobs and voicing my concerns.  Sigh. There’s that big fat elephant sitting on my chest again.
My teen and I have talked, made amends, and agreed to have better lines of communication.  A little less snark equals a lot less yelling, we both agreed.  We’ve come to this agreement a hundred times before, and I am hoping this will be the one.  Ok, I hope that each time, but hey, what’s wrong with a little hope. And there’s happy moment number 2.
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What’s something happy that you’ve celebrated this week?  Do you have parenting trials with your teens?

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

❤ Michelle

32 thoughts on “Groundhogs day 2016 and happy moments”

  1. My boys are older, but yes, I had them too. I just think you’re going to have them, but “this too shall pass.” I’m sure she’s feeling a lot of anxiety about her daddy being gone soon, and maybe doesn’t know what to do with those feelings. I’m sure it’s a fair amount of fear on her part of what to do when he’s gone. Parenting is not an easy job, and I know you’re doing just fine. I love the groundhog picture. Hang in there and keep enjoying every moment. Luv you! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. That was me with my mom, and I can already see it with my niece and sister and she’s 2.5 years old!! As long as the talks to try to understand keep happening, that’s what matters.

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  3. Sigh… Motherhood is so tough. I’m glad you made amends with your daughter. You have a lot going on right now and any little bit of stress is certainly going to throw you off. But you are strong and have a great way of getting yourself back on your saddle. #YouveGotThis ❤️

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  4. Ah yes, the joys of being a mom…I’ve got battle scars from ‘years of academy training’ lol…raising four boys has been quite challenging at times…but so far I’ve survived!! Just two to go! Enjoy these times Michelle – (the good, the bad and the ugly!) ’cause they grow up waaaay tooo fast!! 🙂 🙂

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  5. I lovvve happy moment #1!! And I have a tween… he’s 11, but he’s starting to get a little smart with me at times. But he knows what happens if he does… he gets all his electronics removed from his room. So far, so good. I’m hoping that scares him all the way until he graduates, lol! Glad you made up with your daughter and you had a good talk!


  6. I’m quite sure you’re an incredible mum, it sounds like you dealt with this situation head on and in a rational, healthy way. She’s so lucky to have you. And you her, no doubt.

    I’m not a parent but I admire anybody who is. I have a step son who’s eleven now but quickly heading towards teenagehood, so I feel like I’ll have some experience of being around one in the next few years, a different relationship to his mother and father but a close relationship nonetheless!

    Lovely post ❤


  7. Oof, parenting. I’m not there yet so I have no words of wisdom for you, other than to keep doing what you’re doing. I’m very glad you got to have some family movie time together–that’s my husband’s and my favorite way to spend time together.


  8. My teen is gone away finishing up the rest of his credits for high school and boy has it been peaceful in our home!! He’s been gone for about a month, doing well and happy. I completely understand your frustration and hope things get better for you two. It’s certainly not easy raising teens!

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  9. Honestly I think teen girls are very hard on their moms especially. Sigh. I feel like my teen and I have a great relationship but when I monitor her texts (yes I do) I am the scapegoat for all things). It’s not easy. You are so not alone. Bring on that early spring!


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