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Healthy snacking


I was recently inspired by a healthy snacking social project put on by, so I wanted to share some of my favorites. There are also some GREAT ideas on this healthy snacking page that touch on all walks of life.  Vegans, kids, high protein and quick snacks for work are just a few examples.

So I thought I’d share a few of my own favorites.  First of which is my spicy chickpeas. These yummy morsels are packed full of protein, and you can easily snack on the go.  Another quick “on the go” snack for me is, roasted pumpkin seeds. You can make your own with my recipe or buy store bought.  They are high in protein, dietary fibers and micronutrients.



I’m a huge fan of roasted nuts of all kinds, really.  These protein packs from Target are also something I love to have in the fridge because they are a wiser alternative to chips or pretzels. While I am not a big dairy eater, I do find these don’t upset my stomach.


Eggs…eggs, and MORE eggs.  I hard boil a dozen or so on the weekends, and portion them out into baggies.  Often times I’ll ditch the yolks, but sometimes I just eat the entire egg in 2-3 bites, LOL!!

Yup, that’s just for my work week. I eat at least 2 egg whites every day.

Fresh fruits and veggies are another go-to that I portion out so that I can easily grab and go!!!


Tonight I’ll admit, I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I could’ve just hunkered down on the couch and felt sorry for myself.  So instead, I whipped up a batch of my famous Chicken soup and did a quick Pilates core workout.  Never miss a Monday, Right?!


What are you favorite healthy snacks?  Do you try and meal prep in advance to help avoid temptation?

Hope you all have an amazing week!!!!





28 thoughts on “Healthy snacking”

  1. I hope the chicken soup helps you feel better! I am going to try the spicy chickpea recipe. I love almost every kind of nut. Take care and feel better!

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  2. Great list! This is a good reminder. I love roasted chick peas but rarely make them. We’re still snow bound so I might try to make a batch today 🙂 I’m bad at doing prep in advance so I mostly try to avoid temptation by not having a lot of unhealthy stuff around the house to begin with.

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  3. Love roasted chickpeas!! Dark chocolate is my snack of choice! Other than that I try not to keep the unhealthy stuff in the house 🙂 – I’m sure the soup and pilates did the trick for you Michelle! 🙂

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  4. Great ideas here. I will generally go for fruit or nuts or a fruit/nut combo but I might start to add in boiled eggs. They’re a great option especially after some of the tough sessions I do.

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  5. Roasted chickpeas sound amazing, what a great idea! I love salty, crunchy snacks in general, so nuts are a huge favorite. I especially love almonds and macadamias. For snacking, these days I’m all about crackers and cheese. Hard-boiled eggs are fantastic, too. They are so versatile! Portability is a huge plus.

    I wish you a speedy recovery from whatever is causing you to not feel so hot today!!!

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  6. I suck at meal-planning and meal-prepping. I struggle to find the time to do it, and I struggle to stick to it.

    Never missing a Monday is something new for me. With my revised training plan in hand I am now having to run on Mondays (and Fridays) which I am not used to. It’s really been a struggle trying to create a new habit.

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  7. I am also a fan of nuts…definitely almonds and cashews! I also like bringing an apple or pear to work for a morning snack, and usually have a lara bar as an afternoon snack. I wish I liked hard boiled eggs but I have never liked the texture!


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