Deployment thoughts

Tuesday Truths. 

Not a lot makes sense lately. So while grasping for straws trying to hold on to some semblance of normalcy I give you the last two days of truth in pics. 

My baby girl isn’t a baby anymore. We’ve been practicing her driving in hopes she’ll get her license before my hubby leaves. 

  My amazing friend Jitka who invited me out for a run tonight. 
 Because running at night is fun with friends. 

Seven minute plank-whaaaaaa?  Yeah. My goal for 2016 is to keep. Getting. Stronger. 

And that my friends. Is a wrap. With my husband’s deployment getting moved up constantly, hanging on to little truths is all I can do!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

❤ Michelle

34 thoughts on “Tuesday Truths. ”

  1. Our children grow up so fast. Your daughters are beautiful and will need your strength while Brian is gone. It’s like being a single parent, which stinks, but I know you’ll be a fine one. I love the night running pictures and know you enjoyed being out with your friends. And that plank…Gees! You are so strong!


  2. It’s your running friends that will get you through. All those endorphins and laughter are a great therapy to life. Keep being strong and looking for the good stuff.


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