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My Christmas wish list

I’ve read several posts about Christmas wish lists, and it got me thinking…

What do I want for Christmas?  I really couldn’t come up with anything.  If I want or need something, I stop at the store and buy said item.  Like last week while I was out Christmas shopping, for example.  I needed new mittens so I can actually run outside this during the winter months.  So I picked up these bad boys which I am told by my runner friends are AH. MA. ZINGGGG for keeping your hands warm.

photo from Amazon, but I got mine at my local running store
photo from Amazon, but I got mine at my local running store

So what could I possibly ask for, for Christmas?

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks as I was watching T.V.  A commercial came on, and it showed a Dad taking his son to see Santa, and then unwrapping presents on Christmas morning.  A toy truck zoomed across the floor and to the front door, where his Mom, a service member, stood in the doorway.  She was returning home from her deployment and wrapped her arms around her family.  I can’t even type it, without getting choked up.

I’ve been part of a homecoming like that, once.  And soon, I’ll have to say “Farewell” to my husband for a very long time.  Next Christmas, he won’t be with us.  And just typing those words makes my heart ache even more.

My hubby and J, the night before he left for Afghanistan in 2003.
My hubby and J, the night before he left for Afghanistan in 2003.

So for Christmas, my wish is for his safety and for the safety of his troops.  Please, God.  Bring them home safely.  Please.

The second happiest day of my life.  <3
The second happiest day of my life. ❤



Times like these, really puts my life in to perspective.  There isn’t anything I could truly ask for this year, other than his safe return home.

What is on your wish list this year? Are you able to spend the holidays with your loved ones?

Wish you all, a very Happy Holiday season.

❤ Michelle

26 thoughts on “My Christmas wish list”

  1. May God protect him ! And bring him home safely, Michelle 🙂 !
    And i also hope that you guys have a wonderful Christmas !!
    My Christmas wishlist is all filled with books sooo yeah 😛 That’s probably it


  2. Our older son is finishing his first semester at NYU next week and coming home – and really his success, happiness and health is a primary focus, as is our younger son as he is submitting college applications this month! Certainly not on the level of your concerns, but it echoes the same basic thought that it isn’t ‘stuff’ that matters, but the ones we love.

    I echo everyone else in the hopes of all troops getting home safely and soon!


  3. We had a Christmas like that when my brother was deployed to Afghanistan. Luckily he had three weeks off just after Christmas so we postponed ours until he was home. Thinking of you and hoping the next year is safe for your family.

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  4. My warmest wishes to you for a wonderful holiday season spent with your loved ones! I am getting tears in my eyes just reading your description of that commercial. The sacrifices the military make to serve their country are truly priceless. I tip my hat to all of you. I am praying for your husband’s safety during his deployment next year!!!

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  5. Dear Santa, I’d like to change my wishlist, please.

    My daddy was only deployed to Iraq once. Fortunately for us, his retirement was nearing and he was able to do so before another round of deployment came up. I remember how tough that was for us not having him here, so I can only begin to imagine what you and your girls are feeling.

    I’m so sorry your family is going to be apart, but I will keep your husband’s safe return in my thoughts and prayers…and on my Christmas list too! 🙂

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