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I think it’s only human for us to have assumptions in certain situations when it comes to what is thought to be “the norm” in life, no?  We assume that if there is something big in our lives, or something that we put our heart and souls in to, that those we consider closest to in life, will support those big things…at least I do…or did…


But assuming is a naughty naughty word, and it truly does end up slapping you in the face from time to time.  And for a split second I caught myself being sad about the person(s) that don’t support my crazy #keepmovinforward mantra, page, and blog.  I looked into my husband’s eyes with sadness, and he reminded me that HE will forever be my best friend, MY PERSON…and suddenly the sadness vanished. I’ve accepted that sometimes friendships run their course, and that is ok.  It’s all the circle of life, right?

Since learning of my hubby’s upcoming deployment I have been flooded with phone calls, texts, comments and emails from friends and family. And despite crying more than I’d care to admit, I am also counting my blessings.  Because you don’t get through the hard stuff without your friends and family.

Here's a pic my friend Andrea made after I spectated and ran the last few miles of her first marathon with her.  One of my all time favorite running memories.
Here’s a pic my friend Andrea made after I spectated and ran the last few miles of her first marathon with her. One of my all time favorite running memories.

With that, I thank you all for being just plain awesome.  I love the fact that I’ve met so many amazing people through this community, and that you have chosen to join me on this journey.  My hat goes off to you all!

Moving forward, I will continue to rant about running, recipes, and real life adventures.  Let’s see where the upcoming year takes us!


❤ Michelle

28 thoughts on “Assumptions”

  1. Don’t waste precious time on people who don’t reciprocate. It’s just not worth the energy or thoughts. Period! Enjoy that time instead with your girls and husband. You have a fabulous life. Continue to do your thing and be happy! 🙂

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  2. There are people that GIVE you support and energy. Then there are those who DRAIN it. I think you know which ones are true friends! You are right, there is so much support in this community! We’ve all got your back.

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  3. Friendships come and go. Sometimes there is an assumption they will last forever. That is so not true. As you prepare for a change in situation with your family I hope you will find meaningful connections with great people.

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  4. You don’t need people who can’t be supportive in your life. It’s not that you’re asking too much for a kind word. There’s enough negativity in the world without inflicting it on someone you’re supposed to care about.

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  5. That’s definitely true about assumptions. I guess it’s hard though to realize that things which are huge for you aren’t so big for friends 😦 I’m glad you’ve found people who are being supportive for you right now though!


  6. Blech. So sorry to hear this. It’s hard, but some friendships just run their course and some people just don’t have it within themselves to give support. That’s what I tell myself anyway. At any rate you’ve just made space for new friendships and more awesomeness in your life. xo


  7. I don’t know how to say this without sounding like an awful person, but my husband and my parents are some of the only people who have not let me down. Even when I am in a friendship and think wow, this person is a really loyal friend, I often see another side of them down the line. I try to keep an open mind and let people in easily, but I do know what it feels like to get burned. My husband is totally my person. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you during this time!

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  8. Life is way to short to waste it on people that don’t support you! You are awesome and this next year is going to be tough, but you will get through it!! xoxo

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