Weekend wrap up

Gosh, where do I start.  Some weekends can be just plain crappy (insert working the entire weekend last weekend here), and some weekends can be amazing filled with friends, family, food, and fitness!

The later was my weekend, THIS weekend.

We started out the weekend after me having to work several hours of overtime (something I try to AVOID at all costs, as I my family comes first) feeling a bit tired, but accomplished. With our unseasonably warm temps here in Chicagoland we made plans to have a fire and drink wine with our awesome neighbors/friends on Friday.  It. Was. GREAT.  We brought over a special bottle of Prosecco that we bought the last time we were in Chicago at Eataly, and enjoyed hours of laughter, conversation, and wine.  WIN.  What a way to start the weekend.

This would have never happened in Chicago last year!
This would have never happened in Chicago last year!

Saturday the majority of the day was spent last minute shopping for make-up and essentials as I was attending my first Army Dining out with my hubby.  After weeks of preparation buying the perfect dress to match his unit, to finding the perfect shoes, we were all dolled up and ready.  And yes…I felt like a princess.  For those that know me well, I NEVER feel pretty these days…but Saturday night, I felt my confidence returning…even if for just a moment.

briandiningout briandiningout1

After an evening of an amazing military traditional event, laughter, conversation and dinner we came home to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine.  This may have been the demise of my 5K today, but I could care less.  We had SOOOOO much fun.  And for once, in many years, I felt at home being surrounded by people in uniform even though I wasn’t wearing one myself.  Yet I found myself standing at attention in all the right moments, even while wearing this amazing gold gown.  🙂  #veteranproblems

Today was the day we were to run a much anticipated 5K that my friend Karen from Trading In my Heels has organized and planned for the last two years.  It’s an untimed race with no actual bells or whistles, but the proceeds were going to suicide prevention and awareness which is a cause near and dear to my heart having battled with depression as well as losing several friends and family members to suicide.

As most of you know, I don’t like the cold.  I don’t sign up for races in the winter…but this one I NEEDED to do.  I got to see several of my running friends, AND I got to meet Wendy from Taking the long way home, which was amazing.  She is one of the nicest people I know, and such an inspiration to me and my life.  After several hugs, and easy conversation we headed to the starting line.

Me and my person
Me and my person
Wendy, Penny, Michelle and me!
Wendy, Penny, Michelle and me!
Misty, Theresa, and Cindy!
Misty, Theresa, and Cindy!

The race started promptly at noon, and I knew this would NOT be my best “race.”  I haven’t been running hardly at all…I haven’t wanted to between the cold, dark, and dreary weather.  So I took it slow, and allowed myself a couple of walk breaks.  Who’d a thunk you could lose your endurance so quickly? #runnerproblems

But we finished in 31:34, headed into Pal Joey’s who was hosting the race, and I was welcomed with open arms AND a Bloody Mary.  Score.  We ate some amazing pizza and had great conversations with Melissa and Jim, more of our running friends.

Nothing better than a Bloody Mary after a fun race!
Nothing better than a Bloody Mary after a fun race!

I couldn’t find my groove during this run, but that’s ok…I enjoyed the hundreds of runners, running for the same cause, dressed up in festive gear, and JUST having fun.  There was no “winner” no “age group award” just 3.1 miles of fun.

I ended the day with our traditional Sunday Supper, and baking with my youngest.  Win!  We had an Asian inspired dish of teriyaki, ginger, honey and garlic glazed salmon over bok choy and quinoa.  Delish.   I also attempted a pumpkin cheesecake…not so sure about that one…lol. #notabaker

My sous Chef helping me make cheesecake
My sous Chef helping me make cheesecake


Wrapping it up, it was the best weekend I’ve had this month.  Here’s to more weekends like this one!

Do you do “fun runs” for charity?  What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

❤ Michelle


15 Comments on “Weekend wrap up

  1. Oh my gosh Michelle, you are gorgeous!! You are a princess, so I’m so happy you saw Saturday night what everyone sees everyday!! You are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! Beautiful dress, too!! Great job on your run!! You’re amazing!! Have a fabulous week!! XOXO


  2. Loved this blog post!!!There is so much more to good health than just eating well and exercising! Enjoying life and laughter with friends and family is crucial to healthy living!!! 💛❤️💛


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