Naperville Half marathon preparation and packet pick up

Today is a new day.  My daughter, the tough little cookie she is, is doing fine…I think Mom took it harder than daughter when reality slapped us in the face.

But today, after not a lot of sleep, I rolled out of bed and hopped in the shower.  It was time to pick up my race packet and hit the expo for a race I haven’t trained too terribly hard for, but that I know I can complete.  My #doepicshit friend Andrea was working the expo until 1 o’clock, so I wanted to make sure I got to see her.

And see her I did!  She graciously handed me my packet, and I shopped around while I waited for her to finish her volunteer shift.

Free chair massage?  yespleaseandthankyou!

Meet massage dude that was stuck in the 80's sporting his spray tan and gold chains.  But hey, he worked the knot in my back like a mad man.  WIN.
Meet Rico…my massage dude that was stuck in the 80’s sporting his spray tan and gold chains. But hey, he worked the knot in my back like a mad man. WIN.

Afterwards, we decided to grab a bite to eat to celebrate having some time together.  Living an hour apart, and both working crazy hours we don’t get to see each nearly enough.

Blue moon beer counts as carb loading, yes?
Blue moon beer counts as carb loading, yes?

After talking race strategy (run..walk…move…don’t die, and finish), we parted ways and I headed home to get my flat runner ready.

Flat runner ready!
Flat runner ready!

Upon my arrival home, my hubby asked what our dinner plans were?  What?  I am running a half marathon tomorrow…I’m. not. cooking.  LOL!  So he prepared some yummy pasta for us…DELISH!

True carb loading, LOL
True carb loading, LOL

And now, with my gear set out, my Garmin and IPod charging, I am relaxing in an almost too quiet house.  Wait…is that possible?  LOL…

My plan for tomorrow is quite simple…take all the stressors I’ve been dealing with the last few weeks, and let that energy fuel me for 2+ hours.  Leave the yuck on the road, and run with my heart.  I nearly tried to wimp out and either 1. not run the race or 2. just finish it half assed…But my friends know me far too well, and I just don’t work that way.

So I’ll meet up with my amazing friends before the race…shiver, hug, and embrace all that is right in the world by surrounding myself with these people.  Will the race lead to a PR?  Doubtful…realistically I am just a little rusty from the last few weeks.  But I’ll finish, and give it my all!

Thanks to you all, for your amazing support these last 2 days!

Cheers to my last major race of 2014!

11 thoughts on “Naperville Half marathon preparation and packet pick up”

  1. Love that kind of beer!! Yes, carbs!! For reals!! 🙂

    Good luck. Just run& have fun!! Enjoy!!

    Yes, I’m sure you took it harder than dear daughter; I would’ve too. All is well though…You’re a great mom!!


  2. Wishing you the best at your run tomorrow. Unleash your emotions (stressors) and let them power you through! They will wash away as the good Lord will give you the strength to move forward.

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  3. Hope you had a great race today!!! I was so saddened to read about your daughter. I cannot even imagine how horrible that must be for her and you. That poor, sweet girl. My thoughts are with you and your family

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