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Having been in the military for 20 years, I have found myself with the stigmatism of being a hoarder.  Be it clothes, receipts, paperwork, junk drawers,  and old tee shirts that I just MIGHT need one day…I KEEP. ALL. THE. JUNK.  I believe this also stems from having gone from living pay check to pay check to well, still living pay check to pay check at the age of nearly 42.  What if I ‘need’ that such and such…what if I run out of ‘whatever’…I must. keep. it. ALL.  I remember back in the day, taking toilet paper from the gym locker room home because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy more…Yes…I was that girl.

But in all honestly, despite bills and debt, I have enough.  I can let ‘things’ go…finally.

But it’s hard…I am only human. That pair of earrings I wore in 2002 can be donated…really.  That race shirt I earned at a local 5k that never really fit can be given to charity.  That cute top I wore in 2006 when my husband commented how pretty I looked, yet it no longer fits can be set aside for my Goodwill donation…really.

BUT.  I will keep the dress I wore, over 10 years ago to meet my husband’s plane when he returned from Afghanistan.  Sorry hoard police…that one will stay hanging neatly in my closet, collecting well deserved dust.  It’s not going anywhere.  Some things, I just can’t let go…

I tackled my bedroom tonight.  My closet and my dresser are my enemy when it comes to hoarding…am I the only one that couples clothes with memories?  Ack, make it stop!  After nearly 2 hours I had 1 bag of trash, 1 bag to sell at consignment, and 2 bags of clothes to donate.  I felt accomplished.  I tied the bags up neatly, and walked away.  This is my preemptive strike to move forward in all aspects of my life.


I got my work out in as well, although short in length, I felt I got my ‘swole’ on, LOL


And now, after venting about my long day to my husband, I am listening to Josh Groban, “You raise me up” and am reminded to hold those close to me, who lift me up…Constantly, consistently…and always.

Sweet dreams, gang…

Questions…do you purge?  Do you have a hard time letting things go?

11 thoughts on “Decluttering”

  1. I love to purge. I like simplicity and not feeling weighed down. My wife is the opposite not that she hoards but is more apt to hold onto to things

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  2. I am a purger, BIG TIME. I used to be somewhat of a hoarder, but then my mom passed away, and I had to go through all of her things. She saved EVERYTHING. It took forever, so I vowed never to be that way, haha.


  3. I just had a HUGE purge. Massive bag to consignment, 2 huge bags to donate and 1 trash bag of crap. I feel so much lighter!!!! But no. I could not part with my Yale t-shirt from freshman year in HIGHSCHOOL. And yes. I am 42. 🙂


  4. i always say I need to purge and then only get rid of like 3 things. I still have a t-shirt from 3rd grade and my middle school letterman jacket too (I’m 30 lol). Luckily My sister was here for thanksgiving and made me get rid of some things. I’m not a hoarder (yet?) but I’m bad at putting sentimental value on things! More power to you for purging!

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