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Tuesday truths-part 1…can you say no?

For years I was a person who aimed to please people’s lives…I wanted to make everyone happy, even if it meant sacrificing my own happiness.  Call me a people pleaser if you will…

But today, after an uncomfortable situation at work I found myself starting to steam…my cheeks flushed, and I felt the anxiety creeping in with it’s quiet demeanor.  Darn it…here we go again.  WAIT.

I stopped, drafted an email explaining my concerns with what I was asked to do, and set it aside. 

I waited, nearly 10 minutes and came back to it to reread what I had wrote. 

I hit send…to the powers that be and then…

I waited again for a response…

I got confirmation that I was in the right, and that I didn’t need to do the task I was originally asked to perform as it was out of my scope. 

And then,

I smiled.  I stood up for myself.  I said no. 


This was a welcomed milestone in my moving forward mantra, and I am still smiling. 

Do you have a problem saying no?  If so, how have you dealt with it?



9 thoughts on “Tuesday truths-part 1…can you say no?”

  1. Good for you chica!!! I’m so proud of you!!! 🙂 I tend to take heavy workloads but when I at a limit I’ve always been able to say no even I’m naturally quiet by nature.

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