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And sometimes, well, we wonder…

Why didn’t they call me?
Why am I still searching for my place in life?
Why do I find myself reaching out to people who don’t reciprocate the love?
Why, do I care about said listed people above?
Why I have I worked so darn hard my ENTIRE life, just continue to struggle?
Why is it so hard to see people go on trips, vacations, shopping, and living care free?
Why can’t I look in the mirror and just be happy?

Wait. Stop. KNOCK IT OFF!

LIFE. Is a blessing. It’s hard, and we all tend to wonder at times….

but we find our joys, and we keep moving forward.

WE let go of what ails us, when we can, and we make the most of each and every day.

We text our friends at 10 p.m. on Valentines day to ask for a run date….well…because we know the person on the other end of the text needs that run just as much as we do….

pic from last summer!
pic from last summer!

We hang ON to what matters most…friends, family, relationships and passions, and we find forward movement.

We take those 2 “I’m sorry the position has been filled” emails with a grain of salt, and realize that our dream passion is out there….somewhere….these rejections are simply openings to more opportunities in the future.

This weekend I am looking forward to family time, cleaning, and running a few miles with a friend who’s been there for me through a lot…a person who takes the time to text me on her worst day. Yeah…I am lucky to have such amazing people in my life.

So with that, I lay my wonders to rest. Tomorrow is a new day.

11 thoughts on “And sometimes, well, we wonder…”

  1. It’s so hard not to get wrapped up in those questions? You will get through this and find something amazing! You have wonderful people surrounding you and lifting you up, that just shows even more what an incredible person you are!!


  2. You put it so well. All those whys that can’t help but haunt us on bad days – we all have days like those. But how you choose to deal with those days is what’s important and you chose not to mull but to look at all your blessings.


  3. Michelle, I think searching for our place in life is a lifelong adventure. We are always in the process of “becoming.” These days, most of us go through multiple careers, not only in pursuit of self-actualization but also due to the rapid pace of technology that renders many jobs obsolete. And that’s before we consider the difficult economy! I’ve been out of work for almost five months now, and it looks like it may be a long haul. Unemployment helps one to obtain a broader perspective, including figuring out that family is the most important thing and that other things that seemed so critical are really rather worthless. Keep up the great writing!


  4. Wow is all I can say. Just got one of those emails on Friday and I was in tears. Mostly because of the time I have put into preparing for a certain career, interning for over 2 years, through 2 pregnancies only to be told that these sorts of jobs are highly competitive. I am so fed up but I will push on. Nothing like one of these rejection emails after an interview to make one feel so….well rejected! I love what you said though, more opportunities in the future. Sometimes it’s just so hard to see that bigger picture!


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