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Three things Thursday on my birthday eve

Life is short.
All too often we get caught up in THINGS. But life isn’t about STUFF. It’s about moments, lives, love, family, friends, and moving forward. This week I was told I am losing my job in the spring due to cut backs in budget, healthcare, etc…I found myself heading in a downward spiral, and it terrified me. But instead of throwing in the towel, I maintained my work out schedule after coming home from work, preparing meals and keeping my crazy household maintained.

Life is good.
I have my health so far…and I have made it through almost 41 years without any major illness’s. At work today, I had to process a specimen on a very young (40’s) man that has stage 4 cancer. It never gets easier….23 years in the same field, and it. never. gets easier.

Life is meant for living.
People often ask why I continue to put the work and effort in to my Facebook page, when I am not making a profit from the efforts.
Because just today, I received two messages in regards to my efforts.
The first:

“Cheers to you my friend. I know this birthday will be filled with lots of emotions. What a great year, you’ve made so many new friends, Moved so many people with your page, food, photos….just remember that you do not have to be defined by what you ‘do’, be defined by what you ‘love’, and who loves YOU. May all your wishes come true.
The second:
I wanted you to know that you have a follower (keeping name private), she does your AB challenge with her daughter, she reads your posts every day and loves your page. Your page is awesome, she loves it. Just wanted you to know you have a strong reach…
Touching lives, inspiring others, MOVIN’ forward is such a joyous part of living to me…

Despite a rough week, my heart is full tonight. And I realize…Life…IS. What it IS, is up to YOU.

4 thoughts on “Three things Thursday on my birthday eve”

  1. I am sorry about the job thing! I hope the new search gives you an opportunity to find something you love!

    Ha ha. And we do our blogs and Facebook because we love it and the relationships we build are amazing! It’s not for profit. I think some people don’t get what a rewarding hobby it is.


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