Day 3…I got this…

I sat at work most of the day in a fog. My head was/is stuffy, and I just wasn’t feeling myself. I know I have a decent job, and will never complain for being gainfully employed. But I have dreams, hopes, and aspirations. And working in a lab just isn’t one of them.
This brings me back, to over 22 years ago when I joined the Air Force under “open general” status. I wanted to be an Air Traffic Controller….something that was on the flight line, in the deeps, trenches, and you name it. ANYTHING but medical I said…

Here I am, 22 years later, almost 23, wishing I had been given another path. Wait. I may work in a lab…BUT…

But our paths in life, lead us to our destinations.

And my goal as a writer and a Chef are just around the corner.

I felt it today, and found myself nearly giddy with ideas.

So in the crazy winds of the Chicagoland weather path, I found myself shopping for photo books, scissors, and accessories to make my vision REAL.

What a perfect way, to spend a cold and ill feeling weekend, than to cut and paste my future into a vision.

I’m ready. me and Graham

7 Comments on “Day 3…I got this…

  1. I shared “day 3” with my 28 year old son(writer /musician) who often shares his dreams with me. Thanks for sharing your vision and inspiring others to reach for the stars , attain their dreams and love deeply. God bless.


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