2013 year in review!

I’m looking back on the year 2013 with smiles, nostalgia, and remembrance of so many great moments. 

In 2013 I ran eight official races, and one virtual half marathon. 

I ran/biked/walked 766 miles, which is just a couple hundred miles shy of my goal of 1000 miles for 2013.  Injury kicked my tail from October on, but I managed to keep moving.  I am still over 100 miles further than I moved in 2012, so I am pleased to say the least. 

My eating and habits weren’t stellar this year, and I plan on next year focusing more on less wine, and more veggies.  I seemed to go in waves of eating great, yet I have still not found a happy balance in caloric intake/workouts to maximize weight loss/lean building. 

Let the research begin. 

With that, I have to recognize all I DID accomplish in 2013.

I PR’d my half marathon at the Trailbreaker half with a time of 2:02. 

I placed second in my age group for the Dewey Dash 5K with a time of 27:24.  My first, and only age placing medal!

I PR’d my FULL marathon at the happiest place EVER for me at the Fox Valley marathon with a 4:25, finishing 49th in my age group!

I started a new career/step down in career as the Histology Coordinator at St. Joe’s Hospital in Elgin, IL.  But more time with my family was needed, so the step down, was really a step up.  I’m still trying to find that job, that doesn’t feel like a job.  Lol

I made more time to cook, write, and take pictures because it’s what I LOVE to do. 

Goals for 2014 are….

Run and Bike…MORE. 

Cross train…MORE.

Weight train…MORE.

Lost 10 lbs.

Take more pictures…write more….work on my e-book…sleep more…drink less wine…smile more…laugh more…pray more…focus on the positive….MORE. 


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