26 (.2) things I love about running/training for a Marathon

26 things I love about running (do you see a pattern here?  Yup, self-motivation is key for marathon training!!!)

1.     Running provides me a release of “life” stress.  We’ve all got it, work, kids, husbands, housework, training…but when I am running all the “crap” becomes just that…crap…

2.    Is it odd I love the smell of sweat after you hit the second or third mile?  Sorry, I love it…it reminds me that I am sweating, working, and moving. 

3.    I see so many posts that people run to lose weight.  Not me.  I gain weight while in training for a marathon.  I love it anyhow. 

4.    While running with friends, you can literally talk about ANYTHING.  Long runs are awesome, because you are running at a “comfortable” pace therefore talking is acceptable.  And we talk, let me tell you…

5.    Running friends get it…they get the issues, the heartache, the pain, the sweat, and the tears that can be shed during a long run. 

6.    Shoes.  I love new running shoes.  Yup.  I have a small, ok, large addiction. 

7.    Vaseline, body glide, and “the Stick” are words that don’t make a runner giggle…they are sheer necessities. 

8.    Rest days aren’t welcomed.  Runners get it.  We know they are needed, but they make us anxious.  This said after my 45 minute cat nap taken after a long day of work, LOL. 

9.     Cross training is also an oddity.  But we do it.  And it makes us stronger. 

10. GU, beans, and fuel are something that is shared during water stops.  A runner will never go without. 

11.   Planning your weekend around long runs is normal.  Running errands and going to Walmart after a long sweaty run, is also normal.  #ignorethestench

12.   Logging your miles on Facebook, dailymile, or runkeeper isn’t a burden, it’s a shout out of pride. 

13. It’s ok to come home after running a long run, seeing nothing has changed.  Your kids are playing, your husband is doing his thing, and your house work is still waiting.  But YOU, YOU, have changed because you accomplished those miles!

14.   Race bling, is, well, COOL.  Display it with pride. 

15.   You begin to get superstitious about race bib numbers.  Too many even numbers?  Too many odd?  How will it all pan out?  You never know what the day will bring. 

16.   Crossing the finish line of any race, no matter what distance, brings you close to tears because you feel your hard work displayed RIGHT THEN AND THERE. 

17.   You realize that not every race will be a PR, and you are ok with that.  As long as you gave it your ALL. 

18.   Becoming a crazy creature of habit makes you smile.  Because you know it works for you. 

19.   You receive your dailymile week recap, and get giddy seeing your mileage creep up each week!

20.   You endure pain, suffering, and sacrifice of “fun” on the weekends to get those miles in each week, and LOVE every minute of it. 

21.   You count down the miles, instead of telling yourself OMG I have XX miles more to run. 

22.   The mile markers become LIFE markers.  Each mile, one mile more you’ve ran, you’ve endured, you’ve WORKED for.  And you celebrate every single mile. 

23.   The alarm going off at O’dark 30 on an early Saturday morning is no longer a chore, it’s a blessing.  Embracing the long run is awesome.

24.   Sweaty hugs, laughter, tears, and everything in between encompasses what you feel after a long training run with friends.  #runningfriendsrule

25.   Your running friends know, more so understand more about YOU, than even you do…and they build you up with every single run.

26.   The .2 after a 26 mile is bliss all mixed up with sweat, tears, and pain.  And it literally is better than any feeling you can imagine, pain and all that jazz mixed in with miles.  I honestly can’t NOT get choked up thinking about my ONE full marathon. 



6 thoughts on “26 (.2) things I love about running/training for a Marathon”

  1. I love this! So well said 🙂 I love the friendships forged during runs and how we as runners have each others backs. I also love how while running a marathon you get to see parts of a city you probably wouldn't have seen otherwise. Oh- and the crowd support is always something that makes me tear up- complete strangers cheering for complete strangers. 🙂


  2. Number 23 is very encouraging to read. That's how early I'll be having to get up on Saturdays for the next few months and I've been not-so-secretly dreading it. It's good to hear that not only do other people do it, they actually embrace it. I've got to adopt that attitude.


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