57 days, and counting…

57 days left until my second full marathon…WOWSA…where did the time go?  Am I ready?  Can I really run 26.2 miles, AGAIN?

I am a creature filled with self-doubt, and sadly have been surrounded by doubters for most of my life.  I try to keep these people at bay, but sadly the world has turned a negative page on life, and it’s hard to avoid.  I wasted much of my weekend hidden behind my own thoughts of ‘stuff’ I will keep to myself on here, but that has consumed too much of ME, and my energy. 

I did my best to enjoy the weekend and party I planned for my husband’s 40th birthday, but sadly woke up this morning engrossed in thoughts of things I can’t control.  I am trying ‘self talk’ but so far I still feel that anxious feeling I hate when it comes to opening closed lines of communication. 

Sorry, I know this post is all over the place.  Doesn’t make a lick of sense I am sure, but I needed to get at least SOME of it out, somehow…argh.  Thankfully my husband is an awesome sounding board, and he’s given me great advice. 

That being said…I will rejoice in my accomplishments this weekend.

I planned and held an awesome party for my husband’s birthday.  He truly enjoyed having friends and family with us to celebrate his turning 40. 

I ran 15 miles for my long run, and felt GREAT minus some knee aches. 

I ran with friends, and this makes a long run SO much better. 

I played with my kids in the yard today, and took a much needed nap on my recliner vs. cleaning house. 

I logged my most miles in a week this week with 33 miles, and a 120 mile month between running and biking. 

I wanted to cry today as I felt my depression creeping in…but instead I ran around my yard with my kids to release the bad vibes. 

Here’s to a new week, new challenges, and even better energy!


11 thoughts on “57 days, and counting…”

  1. You are human and what you write is REAL. Most of us prefer real! Cheers on an awesome last week of running and biking, and I am sure Brian's party was awesome. I am sad I missed it BUT soon I will come visit…I already have some times rolling around in my head. 🙂 Thank you for the real post, with things everyone suffers from…for you are human my dear one. ~S


  2. I'm sorry the doubt is creeping in! But let me remind you – your training is going AMAZINGLY well. Seriously – look at your log from last year. You are killing it.And the party was a smashing success! Everything rocked. I SO wish we could have stayed later. I was having a great time :)Love you. Chin up! You are doing a lot, and doing it WELL!


  3. Happy birthday to your husband!Yes, I agree with bobbi, you're training sounds like it's going much better for this marathon. Chin up & stay strong!


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