Things I have learned from running

Things I have learned from running

I am a creature of habit.  I set my gear, fuel, Garmin, Ipod, pre-run breakfast and have my play list set the night before each and every run/race/training run.  I can tell you exactly what I will eat, drink, and take with me, as well as the amount of Vasoline I will apply on my toes the morning of my run to prevent blisters.  I have it down to THAT much of a science.  Please don’t let me forget my nose spray, or my 5 hour energy…one missed entity and I feel discombobulated. 

I am going to sweat.  I am going to sweat in places I didn’t think possible, which in turn could cause chaffing.  I don’t like chaffing.  I have only encountered chaffing twice.  I don’t like it…Vasoline, again, is my friend. 

I will have to pee on a long run.  If it’s over a half marathon, please…let me stop and relieve myself.  Because there will come a point where I have to pee so bad, I no longer have to pee. 

I spit.  I just have to.  I promise to look back and make sure no one is behind me, but if you are downwind, I can’t promise anything…after about 10 miles my aim suffers.  Sorry…just sayin’…

I carry a sweat rag…because well, I frickin’ sweat like a MARATHONER IN TRAINING. 

I sing.  Loudly.  On long runs I find it best to sing LOUD and PROUD to get the frustrations of my aches and pains out…get it?

Bike up?  Bike back?  I will call it out if I am in a group…and I will say good morning to every runner and biker I see…catch me at mile 8 and you will see one giddy girl.  A runner high is in full affect for me at this point.  Don’t like it?  Look away.  I run to be happy.

I will talk of kids, husbands, job, housework or lack there-of, and yes, the STICK.  What get said on the long run, stays on the long run.  Yup…more just sayin’…

My delusional horse like sounds often come out around mile 10.  This is my release, my AHH HAA, my OK KEEP GOING GIRL time…don’t like it?  Hmm…turn your Ipod up. 

I believe in the high protein, MUCHO H20, and day before a long run carb load. 

I don’t run to lose weight, for I’ve gained weight doing so…and I still love running dearly. 

I embrace my water weight, for I know I am at least hydrated. 

My IT band, patella femoral syndrome, and other running issues are all every day topics I can discuss with my running partners. 

An Epsom salt bath…is bliss.  Yes….no ice baths for this chick. 

And so is this well-deserved Cosmo…wait, who took away my glass of wine?

I just spent 20 minutes cutting down my ugly toe nails because I refuse to pay anyone to do it for me, for it would be pure torture to endure working on these nasty black and dead nail beds…bah. 

I end this roller coaster list with the best…

My running friends. 

These people…the ones who see me sweat, cry, hurt, laugh, endure, suffer, MOVE FORWARD, gain momentum, and so much more…these people…my sole sisters and brothers…are the embodiment of the foundation in the journey in which I RUN.   

And my running not only has taught me inner strength…it has taught me more…

It has taught me with all my quirks and weirdness, if I can help ONE person run ONE more mile, than I have succeeded. 

Life is good.

My 18 zillion ounces of water were good.

And now my Cosmo is even better. 

14 miles in the books. 

Damn I love to run. 

It hurts.

It’s hard.

And it is so darn worth it. 


16 thoughts on “Things I have learned from running”

  1. YES! You've captured the essence of why you do what you do….from the serious to the silly…..and while it's uniquely yours, I think we all share a LOT of those. Now I've got to finish my coffee and get out there myself!


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