Week 8 of marathon training and the 4th of July


I just typed the date of this blog (it’s how I catalog them for filing purposes) and I can’t help but to blink. 

22 years ago I was finishing up my first day of “in-processing” in basic training.  I left home, friends, family, and all I knew to join the Air Force. 

I didn’t ‘fit’ in growing up, and this was my chance to do something bigger and better for my life. 

Most thought I would fail.  I failed a lot as a teen.  Hey, who didn’t?  I let a lot of people down, including myself in my teen years.  I made wrong choices.  I was a jackass.  Yup.  Heck, sometimes I still am a jackass.  But I am constantly working towards being a better person. 

I realize as of late, I have to stop looking for acceptance from people.  I have to live my life for ME, just as I did for 20 years in the Air Force. 

I was GOOD at being an Airman.  I loved it.  I loved the uniform.  I loved the consistency. I loved the pride.  I loved the patriotism.  I loved being a part of something BIGGER.  I didn’t reach ALL the goals I set forth for myself while in the Air Force.  But I loved every single moment I was blessed to have served.  Tough, hard, meaningful, and AWESOME all wrapped into one great ball of GREATNESS.  And I will miss it, always. 

I am now 40 years old.  The 18 year old kid who got on that Greyhound bus is now just a memory.  But her passion, her drive, and her goals are still so very real. 

People may not respect, value, or support my dreams for something more.  But some DO.  More so, I do.  And I can’t keep hoping for support that I won’t receive. 

SO with that…I have my scrubs laid out for work tomorrow.  I am working my first 4th of July since joining the Air Force.  I will do my job, get my run on, and spend the day with great friends and extended family. 

Week 8 of marathon training is going well.  I will be pacing on Sunday for a 12 miler, and I am nervous as all heck.  But I will run with my heart when my legs and knees decide to give out. 

Happy 4th all.  This truly is, and always will be my favorite holiday. 


6 thoughts on “Week 8 of marathon training and the 4th of July”

  1. You hit it on the head with saying you have to live life for you and not for others acceptance of you. Amen sista! Hope your long run this weekend goes well 🙂


  2. I enjoy reading about your passion for the AF. As you know my hubs is still in and our son just swore in to the AF two weeks ago on a delayed enlistment program. He will finish his senior year and then in he goes. It is somewhat surreal for me but I am so very proud of him.


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