Week 8 of Full Marathon Training complete!


Monday started out with a ten mile bike ride.  It was such a beautiful day, and I wanted to cross train so I headed out happily on my bike.  It was windy, but beautiful regardless. 

Tuesday I got my mid week mini long run in of 6 miles, knowing the holiday weekend was coming up quick. 

Wednesday was a rest day.

Thursday I was blessed to run 4 miles with friends after work, and then ate like a hog at a wonderful BBQ with my adopted St. Charles family. 


I allowed myself the next two days of rest for my upcoming long run. 

Sunday– This morning I woke up at O’Dark 30 to meet the Fox Valley marathon training group for our second training run.  This was my first training run pacing for the full marathon, and I was nervous as all get out, but managed to keep my nerves (and tummy) at bay.  I normally can run a half marathon without peeing, but the lines at the porta-potties were long when I got there, so bypassed going before the start.  We finished our 12(.25) miler strong, yet beat at a time of 2:08.

Looking around there were runners of all ages (even a KID-wow, he ran 12 miles today and was MAYBE eleven years old.  Yes, totally impressed).  I began to notice that some runners are more “elite” than I will ever hope to be, and felt a bit of a disconnect between the group.  Call it an odd ‘vibe’ so to speak.  I pushed off the icky feelings and hung with my 10:30 pace group proudly.   I like to call my pace group the “normal runners.”  The runners who run for themselves, for their health, or for possibly personal goals.  We all have competitive spirits as runners of course…but there was no feeling of, “oh, you are only the 10:30 pace group” type feeling. 

I don’t judge people on their pace…honestly, EVER.  I know we all can’t be Boston qualifiers, or people who can run the FASTEST or the FARTHEST.  To me, it’s a personal journey.  It’s a personal race to better ONESELF.  So hearing from a running friend that she too felt this “vibe” sort of bothered me.  But my advice to her was, “Smile extra big at them, and don’t let them steal your joy.”  (G rated version of course) J 

It’s all about Movin’ forward gang.  One mile.  At.  A.  Time. 


10 thoughts on “Week 8 of Full Marathon Training complete!”

  1. Relentless. Forward. Motion. Slow or fast. It doesn't matter. It just matters that you keep moving. I may be in the back of the pack. But, that's ok. It's MY journey. Whether you are in my pack or not, it doesn't matter. Just as long as you are on my side.


  2. 1 foot in front of the other and it all keeps going in the right direction. Very impressed you can pace a group of runners … I'm still earning to pace myself 😉


  3. I don't know if I would let my 11 yr old run that far. I don't even really let him run more than once a week, esp with tball twice a week, he swims daily.Great job training!


  4. Great week! There will always be someone better at most activities than me! I just have to be happy with my own performance and my own PRs! 🙂


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