June wrap up!

Well, it’s the last day of June.  What a month it’s been. 

I am finally getting into the groove of my new job, and while I do enjoy it-more so the time it gives me with my family, I know this ‘career’ isn’t my life passion.  It’s a good job, and I always enjoy learning new things.  But I don’t LOVE the career path I have chosen, more so that was chosen FOR me by the Air Force 22 years ago.  But I plug along, and take the joys I get every single day. 

There is more for me out there.  I know it.  And I continually strive towards my goals. 

I love fitness, in all aspects, although I haven’t always lived the healthiest life style.  But running, lifting weights, biking, you name it-brings me joy.  More so, inspiring others to want for more in their lives gives me such happiness. 

So I have poured my heart and soul into my Facebook page, and am having so much fun reaching out to others.   What started out early last fall as an attempt to mark my place in this world with a small footprint has turned into 4000+ followers strong.  I lose some and gain some followers each day, and it is so exciting to hear about people’s progression in healthy eating, running, etc. 

With that, and my new commitment to run this full marathon in September, I will pace my first full marathon training run on Sunday.  I will be pacing the 10:30 pace group, and pray I can hold this pace for 12 miles in the heat of summer.  I am NOT a good summer runner.  Nope.  I suck actually.  But I am out there, and that’s what counts. 

Today I made myself get outside for a nice quick 3 miles, and made myself go on a hilly route in order to push myself.  WIN.  My last mile I struggled, but I finished strong. 

I will never be an UBER runner that wins awards, or has awesome PR’s that people look at in awe.

But I run.  And I love to run and work out.  And I keep trying harder.  That’s what matters to me. 


7 thoughts on “June wrap up!”

  1. I truly believe that all the runners I have encountered run for themselves, to better own personal achievements.I love your FB page it really is inspirational and have found lots of other pages to follow through you.


  2. I am definitely not an uber runner either. But do strive to get better. You will do awesome on your 12 mile! Keep up the great work! You are inspiring!


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