Wait, this IS a running blog too…

Running Blogger Survey

I got this survey from my newfound friend, Kelly from www.kellytheculinarian.com and it sounded like fun!   

Best Run Ever

I have had a few good races over the last year, since becoming more serious about my running…I’d say the Fox Valley 20 miler last year, or the Trailbreaker half marathon I did just last weekend were my best to date. 
Always need to have fun! 
I couldn’t be more blessed to have my sister’s support! 


Three Words that Describe My Running:

Freeing, therapeutic, required
Some awesome running friends who keep me sane

Egg Shell Shuffle with great friends

Trained all summer with this amazing woman!

My Go-To Running Outfit

Depends on weather for sure…summer is tank/skirt, while winter time I wear running tights and LAYERS.  Keeping my ears and hands warm are most important. 
My fav summer outfit


Quirky Habit While Running

2 Tablespoons of organic peanut butter dipped in chia seeds…I have this before nearly every run, and for sure before EVERY race


Morning, Mid-day, or Evening

Yes, yes, and yes…I love running in the evenings while watching the sunset, but if I have friends to run with I will get up early. 
Running at sunset, LOVE


I Won’t Run Outside When It’s:

TOO windy, or icy. 
Had to turn around, too darn icy…

Cold, but a great run with awesome friends!

Worst Injury – And How I Got Over It

My knee which is ongoing, and has been for over 20 years now…but I deal with it, take care of it, let it rest, and keep pressing forward.  I rest when needed, whether I like it or not.  I haven’t ran in a week now, but know it’s necessary. 


I Felt Most Like a Badass Runner When

I PR’d just last weekend.  Also, finishing the Chicago Marathon with my sis!  I’ve never won an AG medal, and am learning to be ok with not “placing.”  I run my own race. 
Last weekend…

I can’t look at this pic without chocking up.  Yup…crying.  I have the best sister ever for doing this with me! 


Potential Running Goal for 2013

Sub 2 hour ½ marathon is my current goal. 



Next Race Is

Great Western ½ marathon, right here in St. Charles on May 5th. 
This was a total blast…hope my running friends “link up” and post their answers!

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