Sorry, no wordless Wednesday here


None…But I did some strength training tonight.  Just some bicep curls, triceps, squats, and crunches.  Nothing major, but giving myself a much needed break while I digest this life change that is about to happen.
still on cloud nine.  yup. 


I came home from work, and found that my husband made homemade spaghetti with whole wheat pasta, and even had a bottle of red wine chilled.  YUM.
totally NOT our dinner, but spaghetti none the less LOL
Real Life Adventures:

I am a planner.  I have only been without work ONCE since the age of about 15…and that was when I retired in 2011 from the Air Force.  I planned for that lapse in work though, by saving money, leave time, and paying off as many bills as possible.  When I retired in May of 2011 I had almost 4 months of leave saved, so I was in essence still getting a pay check.  My family has never been blessed to survive on only one income, so I did what was needed, and took the job I currently have which is supervising a lab in an outlying hospital that is about an hour from my home. 

This job, I knew from the near beginning wasn’t a good fit for me.  I will leave it at that…But I continued to work, commute, and do my best to take care of my family.  But my family unit started to struggle mostly in part due to my unhappiness, so I started looking for something “else” almost a year ago. 

There were days, where I would pull up to the parking garage and shudder…panic…and sometimes cry.  But I pulled it together and smiled and gave it my all every single day.  Sadly my all, was never going to be enough, and that made me very unhappy. 

Do you ever notice when you are unhappy, that the people that matter most to you suffer the most?  Yup…this was me. 

So thankfully I found a new job, only SIX miles from my house, where I will be a make shift supervisor, yet more so bench tech where my hard work will be what matters.  I will be doing primarily Pathology/Histology work, and will get the opportunity to do the gross descriptions of specimens which is something I love.  What is “grossing” you ask?  From Wikipedia:

“Gross examination or “grossing” is the process by which pathology specimens are inspected with the bare eye to obtain diagnostic information, while being processed for further microscopic examination.

Gross examination of surgical specimens is typically performed by a pathologist, or by a pathologists’ assistant working within a pathology practice. Individuals trained in these fields are often able to gather diagnostically critical information in this stage of processing, including the stage and margin status of surgically removed tumors.

The initial step in any examination of a clinical specimen is confirmation of the identity of the patient and the anatomical site from which the specimen was obtained. Sufficient clinical data should be communicated by the clinical team to the pathology team in order to guide the appropriate diagnostic examination and interpretation of the specimen – if such information is not provided, it must be obtained by the examiner prior to processing the specimen.

There are usually two end products of the gross examination of a surgical specimen. The first is the gross description, a document which serves as the written record of the examiner’s findings, and is included in the final pathology report. The second product is a set of tissue blocks, typically postage stamp-sized portions of tissue sealed in plastic cassettes, which will be processed into slides for microscopic examination. Since only a minority of the tissue from a large specimen can reasonably be subject to microscopic examination, the success of the final histological diagnosis is highly dependent on the skill of the professional performing the gross examination. The gross examiner may sample portions of the specimen for other types of ancillary tests as diagnostically indicated; these include microbiological culture, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, or electron microscopy.”
A pic of a skin tumor….this is my job. 

Yup…this is what I do…what I used to love so much, but lost over the years of supervising and doing paperwork.  I am already studying, ordering books, and yes, SOOOO excited. 

I have another half marathon scheduled the first week of May, and pray my aching knee pulls its head out of its ass and lets me train.  I am hopeful that I just needed a few days off.  I plan on working on strength training and speed training so I can break my sub 2!!!!

Thanks all, for listening, commenting, and your unending support. 

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