Dewey Dash 5K race recap

Last night I got a text that the Dewey Dash 5K in Elburn IL still had open registration.  I was supposed to do a 5K for my church on Saturday, so I originally didn’t sign up for it not wanting to do back to back races in 2 days.  Two half marathons in one week had literally worn me out.  My church 5K was canceled, so I figured, why not!

I hadn’t run all last week, allowing my legs to rest which although was much needed, started to wear on my soul.  Yes, running is truly my therapy and I could see myself getting more irritable by the minute.  But last week was a good week to rest as the weather was rainy and dreary every day.  Although I pride myself in the fact I ran OUTSIDE all winter, I am admittedly NOT a fan of running in the rain or wind.  Last week we had both said elements.  Yuck. 

So at around 7 p.m. last night I decided to do the Dewey Dash 5K.  It was a “themed” race where you dressed as your favorite fairy tale character.  Bah…I had no costume at such last minute.  After brainstorming, my friend Carolyn suggested raiding my youngest daughter’s closet.  WIN!  I had a Belle tiara, wand, and tutu for my costume!   

I have never run in costume, so I was a bit nervous.  I met up with my friends Jeanne and Carolyn so we could carpool to the race.  The wind was fierce, but the sun had started to peak through the clouds.  Sadly by the time the race started, the clouds were in full force, as well as the wind.  I was able to meet a fb friend that is a real life friend of my sister’s, Michelle, that has supported my “Movin’ it with Michelle” page for quite some time.  Double WIN. 

The first mile was literally UP hill…ack…the wind was in our faces, and I did my normal “PUSH UP THE HILL AS FAST AS POSSIBLE TO GET IT OVER WITH” mantra…Mile one clocked in at 8:51 and I was pleased.  I am odd (possibly) in the fact I can’t “race” with friends, but I prefer to run with them for training.  In a race I have to get into my zone, so normally I race alone.  It’s my time to let it all go on the course.  Thankfully most of my friends “get” this, and understand that it isn’t meant to offend, I just have to “race” alone.  I think my sister is the only person I have been able to run an entire race with…and that’s cuz well, she’s my sister. 

Mile two went through neighborhoods and was fairly even keel.  Sadly the mile marker was off by .15 miles, so it screwed with my head a little bit.  Also, I don’t warm up until about the 3 mile mark, so at this point I still had numb hands and feet.  Mile two clocked in at 8:46. 

Time to kick it up a touch for the last 1.1 miles…There were a lot of turns, twists, and more hills.  I finally started to get feeling back in my left foot, and half of my right foot although my toes were still freezing by the end, LOL.  My last mile clocked in at 8:25 and I finished strong to the end. 
Michelle and I at the finish line!

I’ve never been a speedy runner, but I PR’d this race at 27:24.  The race was beautifully organized minus the mile markers being off, and the volunteers were incredible.  OH, and the FOOD at the end was the BOMB.  They had an entire spread for us.  AWESOME. 
AG medals for the both of us!  YAY!

After the race we socialized, and as we got ready to leave and were walking out to the parking lot, Michelle came running out to tell me I won an Age Group award! WHAT?????  I’ve never placed, EVER, so I was near tears with excitement.  Yes, this race was small, but I don’t care…I am darn proud of my blue ribbon for 3rd place in my AG.  Triple WIN! 

But honestly…the best part of the day was hanging with my running friends, new and old.  I had such an awesome morning with some truly awesome women.  Carolyn, Jeanne, Erin, Sue, Pat, Jennifer, Pam, Michelle, Karla, Christine, and Rob just to name a few…I apologize if I missed anyone J. 

So in the last 3 weekends, I have achieved THREE PR’s…I know this streak could be just that, a streak…and I am realistic that you never know what race day will give you.  But I am quietly hopeful that this streak will continue and I will break my sub 2 PR goal for a half marathon.  I have to shave off TWO minutes, and pray I can do it for my next half marathon in May. 

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