Friday. Yeah. :-)

1.       I am going on vacation with my family.  TOMORROW.  To Disneyworld.  I am so excited I can’t sleep.

2.      I have packed, cleaned, and even thrown in some running clothes just in case I get some extra time. 

3.      My youngest baby turns 6 on Sunday.  My heart breaks, and is filled with joy at the same time because she has a heart of gold. 

4.      Each day is something new…this week I feel like things have finally started to fall in place after nearly a year at my new job.

5.      Did I mention I can’t sleep?

6.      Spent the night in front of a lovely fire with drinks and good conversation with my hubby and my good friend, Anna.  I truly am blessed. 

7.      My long run didn’t happen tonight.  My knee kept me up most of last night, and I figure I will get miles of walking this week.

8.      Ultimately I am blessed.  Time to go water my flowers. 

5 thoughts on “Friday. Yeah. :-)”

  1. I am jealous! I haven't been to Disneyworld since 2006 and can't wait to go back! I want to make it a vacation where I can do the Goofy Challenge and visit Disneyworld all in one shot! Have a good time and don't worry about the long run. Let that knee feel better first!


  2. Have a great trip……rest that knee…..and run when you feel better. You've already built a good base, so you can miss a few days easily. Besides, you'll be walking your butt off at Disney! :>)


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