Sunday FUN-day!

I went to bed early last night in preparation for today’s long run…well, early for me at least as it was before 11 p.m.  I was lucky enough to spend a fun day with my family, spread out between shopping with my eldest for school and watching a movie at night with the family.  We watched Hunger games (my youngest only watched before the ‘fighting’) and ate popcorn…couldn’t get better.  I ended the night with some conversation with my husband, trying to squeeze in that last bit of time before he leaves for the week due to work. 

The kids are ready for school which starts this week…wow, I have a 1stand 7th grader…where has the time gone?  Sigh…

I had an amazing run today with Kyla…we met in downtown St. Charles at 7 a.m., and I was able to meet her friend, Christine as well.  Sadly Christine had to bow out around the 2ndmile due to IT band issues, but Kyla and I pressed on.  We had 12 miles on deck, and we wanted to finish strong.  We hit the trails running, and had a great plan.  Every 4 miles we’d fuel up, stretch, and move forward. 

My splits were as follows…10:51, 10:47, 10:43, 10:18, 10:29, 10:25, 10:38, 10:17, 10:24, 10:10 (!!!), 10:33, 10:10.  We could’ve ran 13 miles, but we were tight, and decided we’d walk the last mile to stretch things out.  We had a blast, truly…and were blessed with seeing Carolyn twice and getting sweaty hugs, LOL!  The running community truly is amazing…

We were welcomed with chipmunks, birds, and the beauty of the Fox River along the way, as well as great conversation and wondering why the heck people don’t say hi when you say good morning.  REALLY?  If you are going to be out there in the beauty of these trails, by gosh ENJOY IT!  We had to laugh…

Around mile 10 I broke into song singing Sugarland, and got the goofy stares from people…LOL! 

I came home afterwards, showered, and made myself 2 eggs for breakfast…look what I found! 

I tried to settle in and take a short nap, but after nearly 2 hours of tossing and turning I wondered if I’d be able to sleep.  Thankfully I was able to drift off, and my awesome husband did laundry and took care of the kids.  I woke up feeling NOT sore.  YAY! 

Side note, my sis and I decided to be “matchy matchy” for our next two races.  Check out our outfits!  LOVE!

We will be wearing this skirt, with the orange top, my favorite color, YAY!!! 

Bring on the week and my 20 miler on Saturday!!

9 thoughts on “Sunday FUN-day!”

  1. You are a rock star right now…so far you have come since i started reading your blog…you should be so proud!!!!thanks for your support…as always you are appreciated!!! We watched the Hungar Games last night also with the kids…my little onewas a bit scared though! I think that hubby of yours is one heck of a guy btw;)


  2. I hope your friend's IT Band gets better…lots of stretching involved with it & hip strengthening. I pray mine holds on for deal life.Great run, Michelle!


  3. Yay for a good run, and how fun to do it with a friend! I hope you have a great week and your 20 miler goes well. We start school this week too. The years just keep flying by. My oldest will be in middle school this year.


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