Seven things SUNDAY!

Seven things, Sunday…

1.       I won my chopped challenge given to me by my husband and daughters tonight.  Check out my FB page to see pics.  (Sausage, Daikon, Dragon fruit, and queso fresco cheese were my ingredients).   

2.      I started staining my base boards and all the wood accents in my house.  Sadly the house is nearly 30 years old and needs some love.  And yes, I love my home. 

3.      I LOVE the Olympics…how can you not? 

4.      Looking forward yet nervous about this week at work.  We have a big inspection coming up and I’ve been doing everything I can to get our lab ready!  Praying it goes well!

5.      I.  Am.  Sore.  Holy crap 16 miles sure takes its toll on a body.  I wanted to ride my bike tonight, but my body told me otherwise.  OWE!!!

6.      My Husband’s birthday is tomorrow.  FINALLY he will be 39 just like me, LOL.  God blessed me with a wonderful, (yet grumpy) husband.  hehe

7.      Lastly, I’ve realized that no matter what you do in life, someone will always discredit you, put you down, or not support you…those ‘someone’s’ suck…so leave em in your dust.  I’d rather not have support, than have half assed fake support.  You all know what I mean…

I did 23 miles last week, so am pleased.  Bring on this WEEK of training.  Gotta get ready for Disney so hope to get my long run in on Friday night after work…

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