Sixteen miler on Saturday!

My last post, well, was a downer, and for that I apologize.  Darn funks suck…LOL 

So last night I committed to running with the Fox Valley marathon running group this morning.   I told myself, YOU WILL, and YOU CAN do this…so I set out all of my clothes, gear, and items needed for an early morning run.  I had doubts I could finish 16 miles, but told myself I would run smart and go with the 10:30 pace group vs. the 10:00 pacer in order to give myself some slack…

I set my alarm for 5:15, knowing I was set and ready to run.  I snoozed twice, and nearly jumped out of bed because I didn’t want to be late.  Got dressed, ready, and had my protein bar on the way to the trail.  Although I am not a morning person I will admit watching the sun rise of the Fox River was truly breathtaking. 

I started strong, keeping at the head of the pack with the pacer.  Thanks goodness for my newfound friend, Jim who was leading the group.  We hit the trails promptly at 6:30.   I had drank too much water so needed a bio break around the 2 mile mark.  I still felt good, although the nagging knee pain and Achilles tendons pulling caused me to slow down around mile 10.  I tried keeping with the group, but decided I needed to stop and stretch things out.  I tried keeping the group in my sites, but by mile 12 I had lost them from my consequent walk breaks.  But I was still in it…

I met up with a couple girls near the water stop and was blessed a girl named Carla wanted to stick with me.  We pushed through to mile 14 and stopped for a quick bio break.   I took a cliff shot block around mile 8, and another at mile 12.  I NEEDED to finish this run. 

We came around the bend at mile 15, and I knew I could finish!  My feet hurt, my knee was screaming, and my breathing wavered…but I finished…

16.05 miles, in 2:55…not my best run by far.  But a success because I completed it none the less…I wasn’t excited about the 10:54 pace, but still thankful I completed my mileage.  Now with aching feet, a blister the size of Texas on my “abnormally long second toe” as my sister’s friend commented, I will settle down with a cocktail.  J

Can I really do TEN more miles?  Ack!

I got home around 10:30, and noticed I had the chills pretty bad so took a warm Epsom salt bath to warm up, and relax.  After which I iced my knee for a good hour, and slept peacefully on my recliner. 

The day then transformed in to going to my sister’s kids birthday party.  What a blast to hang out with family and friends. 

Life.  Is.  Good.

8 thoughts on “Sixteen miler on Saturday!”

  1. Congrats on 16!!! 16 miles is nothing to sneeze at and YES you really CAN do 10 more miles. I remember having the same thoughts training for my first full last year. You are doing great!


  2. Yes, you can handle another 10 miles. You're training way better than I did for my first one. Hang in there & get the long runs done. You will be great!


  3. way to go, Lady M!!! And yes, you can definitely go another 10…focus on getting through your training in one piece (or something resembling one piece!) and you'll make it through 26.2 like a champ. Keep up the great work!


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