Saturday is always full of something…

I am happy to say I have found my mojo again, and realizing things I need to work on with ME, and things I need to not stress about…

I am one who wears her heart on her sleeve, so when I feel I am failing it really hurts.  But with everything in life I am relearning all we can do, is our very best in life.  Naysayers will always exist, and people will put you down even when you think you’ve tried your hardest.  But knowing deep down you’ve done your best is what matters most.  No one is perfect.

So this week despite the heat I made myself get out there and run…I have only logged 6 miles so far, but that is 6 more miles than I ran last week.  Tomorrow I will put in all my efforts for my long run, and hope to log 6-8 miles minimum.  My favorite trails are blocked so I plan on researching a new route tonight. 

The weekends I find solace in my home, and with my family because they truly keep me motivated to be a better person all while letting me be ME no matter what. 

So after my much needed massage I decided to cook a nice family dinner that everyone could enjoy.  Please see my photo montage for a recap…
On the menu was pan seared sea scallops and pasta…
I started by drying my scallops…Julia Childs taught me, always dry your meat!
Next I made the coating for the scallops which was made up of herbs, a couple teaspoons of flour, salt and pepper, and grated garlic.
Next I seasoned the scallops with salt, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil. 

While the scallops rested, I pan seared some bacon and got the water boiling for the pasta. 

To the noodles I added organic butter, Benzinger white wine, Italian seasoning and shallots. 

Next I seared my scallops.  Gordon Ramsey would have been proud…hehe

Lastly I added fresh broccoli to the pasta mix, and let it warm for a few minutes.  The dinner turned out great!!!

In the end, I am praying for a great long run tomorrow.  Trying to get back into my groove, and this wonderful cool front will help greatly!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed week!
❤ Chelle

10 thoughts on “Saturday is always full of something…”

  1. Your supper looks yummy Michelle! So glad you found some much deserved and needed solace in time spent with your family. Wishing you a great night. xoxo


  2. Michelle…I WANT that dinner!! can you come make it for me ;)I hope you get your run in…I know how much better it makes you feel when you get out there and at it !! i sure hope the weather cools off for you !


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