Seven (or more) things this Sunday…

1.       I am not a morning person.  I never have been, and although I can say I have tried-it just isn’t in my genetic make-up.  I wish I could get up early and run, but I’d much rather cuddle with my dog instead.  J

2.      For those who have known me for quite some time, you know I have struggled with hair loss for years.  Back in ’07 I had some tough times, and with some major weight loss, my hair decided to fall out…I couldn’t afford to get my hair done so in turn my hair suffered.  This last year I have started taking better care of me, and my hair, and I am pleased to say it is finally growing.  YES, this is huge for me.

3.      I love to cook.  More than nearly anything…yet sadly these last few months when my husband was gone I let that passion go by the way side.  I am happy to say I am SO glad he is home, and am happier to be cooking for him.  One day I hope to either take professional cooking classes or go to culinary school. 
cauliflower mash


my first attempt at steaks

4.      I love to write.  But I have let time get the best of me and haven’t been writing as much.  My goal is to regroup and hopefully try to self-publish something in the next year. 

5.      I have struggled fitting in with my new job, yet I continue to keep trying to find my way in the amazing hospital I work for each day.  I have to remember for 20 years I was an Airman…this will take time and I need to allow myself time to pave my new path. 

6.      I find complete peace in my family and close friends.  I don’t need much else in life…nope…

7.      I did my first long run in 3 weeks tonight, and although it wasn’t easy, I pushed myself to finish my 8 miles.  Thanks so much to all of you who support me daily…xoxo

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